Push-Pull Pot from Kanazawa will release the 2nd mini album "Kodou" on 1/25 (Wed.), revealing cover art and recorded songs, and holding a release tour!

The 4-piece hot rock band Push Pull Pot from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture has released the jacket photo and track list of their 2nd mini album "Kodou" which will be released on 1/25 (Wed.).
This work will include a total of 6 songs, including "Fine!!" from the label's compilation album and 5 new songs.

Along with the release, it has been decided to hold a release tour "Riding Noah and breaking through the castle gates" that will go around 11 locations nationwide, including 4 one-man performances for the first time in the band's history.

The band will perform 7 performances from Chiba LOOK on 3/3 (Fri.) to Hokkaido Sapporo Crazy Monkey on 3/31 (Fri.).

The one-man version will start on April 19th (Wednesday) at the Tokyo Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL, and on April 30th (Sunday), the tour final will be held at Ishikawa Kanazawa vanvanV4, which will be the band's base of operations.

If you purchase the CD of this work at the target store, you can get a "live sound source (CD-R)" with different contents for each company as an original benefit for each company on a first-come, first-served basis.

In addition, to commemorate the release of the mini album, 1/25 (Wednesday) Osaka Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi store, 1/30 (Monday) Aichi Tower Records Nagoya Parco store, 2/21 (Tuesday) Tokyo SHIBUYA TSUTAYA Acoustic mini live + autograph session has also been decided.

Check out the album special site for details on how to participate.

【release information】
push pull pot
2nd mini album
Released on Wednesday, January 25, 2023

Price \1,870 (tax included) / LDSF-00011

[recorded music]
1. Last train
2. Rock and roll music
3. End roll
4. Swaying in the Night
6. Favorite song

<Original benefits by corporation>
"Live sound source (CD-R)"
◎ Target stores / recorded songs
・TOWER RECORDS: “So that I can love you” “Laugh”
(2022.8.19 STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!@Shibuya Spotify O-Crest on a Midsummer Night)

・ HMV: "Unity" "Together"
(2022.9.18 TOKYO CALLING 2022 @ Shimokitazawa Shangri-La)

・ TSUTAYA: "When spring ends" "End these days"
(2022.9.19 TOKYO CALLING 2022 @ Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO)
*Benefits are on a first-come, first-served basis.

<Online reservation page>
・TOWER RECORDS:https://tower.jp/item/5588925

<"Kodou" special site>

[In-store live information]
Push-Pull Pot 2nd mini album release commemoration
Acoustic mini live + autograph session

・1/25 (Wednesday) 19:00- Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi, Osaka
・1/30 (Monday) 19:00- Aichi Tower Records Nagoya Parco store
・2/21 (Tue) 19:00-Tokyo ・SHIBUYA TSUTAYA 8F event space
*Please see the website for details on how to participate.

[Tour information]

Push-Pull Pot 2nd mini album "KODO" release tour 2023
“Ride Noah and break through the castle gates”

-Battle of the Bands- *GUEST BAND will be announced at a later date
3/03 (Fri) Chiba LOOK

Open 18:00 / Start 18:30

3/06 (Mon) Shizuoka UMBER

Open 18:00 / Start 18:30

3/08 (Wed) Hyogo Kobe Sun and Tiger

Open 18:00 / Start 18:30

3/20 (Mon) Okayama CRAZY MAMA 2nd Room

Open 18:00 / Start 18:30

3/28 (Tue) Miyagi Sendai FLYING SON

Open 18:00 / Start 18:30


Open 18:00 / Start 18:30

3/31 (Fri) Hokkaido Sapporo Crazy Monkey

Open 18:00 / Start 18:30

-One man version-
4/19 (Wed) Tokyo Shibuya CHELSEA HOTEL

Open 18:30 / Start 19:00

4/21 (Fri) Osaka Shinsaibashi BRONZE

Open 18:30 / Start 19:00

4/29 (Sat) Aichi Nagoya RAD SEVEN

Open 17:00 / Start 17:30

4/30 (Sun) Ishikawa Kanazawa vanvanV4

Open 17:00 / Start 17:30

[ticket fee]
Advance \3,000 / Same-day \3,500 (Excluding D fee)

▼ Fastest advance (lottery)
12/02 (Friday) 21:30 - 12/11 (Sunday) 23:59

▼ General release date
2023/1/21 (Sat) 10:00
Sales URL:https://eplus.jp/pushpullpot/


[Push-pull pot profile]
A four-piece rock band from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.
The members are Vo.Gt. Daiki Yamaguchi, Gt.Cho. Takuya Kuwabara, Ba.Cho. Kazunori Horiuchi, and Dr.Cho. Ryutaro Myojin.
Formed in 2017 after meeting in a university light music club. Average age is 25. The concept of the band is "everyone gets along".
Vo.Gt. Yamaguchi, who writes and composes the lyrics, has a two-faced singing voice, and the songs drawn based on his actual experiences sometimes push his back and sometimes snuggle up to him.
Live performances full of heat have become a hot topic, and entry restrictions are being imposed at circuit festivals in various places.
More than 100 live performances per year.
In April 2021, LD&K's new label "STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!" released the first nationwide distribution mini-album "Bokura no Mama de" as the first artist.