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At LD&K, "music business" and "restaurant business"
With the stem of "2" called
There are 13 peripheral businesses related to them.

And to address the various issues you face,
Total solution/
I will be happy to help you.

01 music

There are things that LD&K can do because we have been managing artists for over 30 years.

01 Production of artist goods/production of CDs, etc. inquiry
02 Discovery of new artists inquiry
03 Tie-up/collaboration CD production/sound source production inquiry
04 Original CM song performance-production-singing inquiry
05 Lyrics, composition and arrangement by our affiliated artists / entrusted inquiry
06 Help with artist promotion inquiry
07 Help with copyright processing inquiry
08 Help with distribution to CD shops inquiry
09 Help with live event production inquiry
10 Recording engineer, help with PA operation inquiry

02 Food and drink

There are things that LD&K can do because it has been a popular cafe for more than 20 years and serves both music and food.

11 Planning and production of cafe collaboration CDs/books, etc. inquiry
12 Cafe live production inquiry
13 Cafe shooting, location and gallery space rental inquiry
14 In-store tie-up promotion inquiry
15 Helping to open a cafe independently inquiry

03 Live House

There are things that LD&K can do because we operate 10 live houses in Shibuya, Osaka, Fukuoka, and Okinawa.

16 hole rental inquiry
17 Discovery of new artists linked to labels inquiry
18 Shooting at a live house / location space rental inquiry
19 Recording of live sound source to sound source / CD production inquiry
20 Assistance with sampling and distribution at live houses inquiry

04 Dance School

There are things that LD&K can do because it is a dance school, a music studio, and a recording studio.

21 Help with choreography inquiry
22 Help with music production and choreography as a set inquiry

05 agent

There are things that LD&K can do because it is both music and entertainment management.

23 Introducing the arranger and producer inquiry
24 Assistance in obtaining CM tie-ups inquiry
25 Assisting with CM song production (playing, singing, etc.) inquiry
26 CM narration arrangement inquiry
27 Help with artist production inquiry

06 Media books and books

There are things that LD&K can do because it combines music and publishing.

28 CD + Book, DVD + Book Media Book Publication inquiry
29 Distribution of CDs, DVDs, books, etc. to bookstores inquiry
30 Assistance in distributing books to libraries inquiry
31 Assistance in distributing books to CD stores inquiry
32 Distribution to convenience stores inquiry
33 Corporate Branding Publishing (Custom Publishing) inquiry
34 Publishing books inquiry
35 Publishing free magazines inquiry

07 Merchandising

There are things that LD&K can do because we are both a manufacturer of music and goods and miscellaneous goods.

36 Assistance in producing and manufacturing goods (including overseas procurement) inquiry
37 Help with CD and DVD manufacturing (including overseas procurement) inquiry
38 Assistance with Distribution to General Stores inquiry
39 Assistance in distributing miscellaneous goods to CD shops and bookstores inquiry

08 Crowdfunding

There are things that LD&K can do because it has a crowdfunding platform.

40 Consultation about crowdfunding inquiry
41 Utilization of crowdfunding platform wefan inquiry

09 Design

There are things that LD&K can do because it has both music and design departments.

42 Designing CD jackets, goods, flyers, etc. inquiry
43 Web design inquiry
44 Art Direction inquiry
45 Calligraphy, design calligraphy, title letters inquiry
46 Embroidery Goods Production inquiry

10 recording studio

There are also studios where our artists are recording.

47 Recording use inquiry
48 Rehearsal studio use inquiry
49 Set use with introduction of arranger and producer inquiry
50 Total production from music to video inquiry

11 footage

We can provide music and video in total.

51 Shooting and Editing Live Video inquiry
52 Filming and production of music videos inquiry
53 USTREAM program production inquiry

12 WEB

54 Website creation inquiry
55 Creating a shopping site inquiry

13 Others

56 Using the Gallery inquiry