Push-Pull Pot from Kanazawa will release "Unstable Boy" on 5/24 (Wed.) & hold a festival at Kanazawa EIGHT HALL on 8/4 (Fri.)!

The 4-piece hot rock band Push-Pull Pot from Kanazawa, Ishikawa will release their 3rd digital single "Unstable Boy" on 5/24 (Wed.).
It has been announced that a festival will be held at Kanazawa EIGHT HALL on 8/4 (Friday).

These were announced at the band's first ever Kanazawa one-man, held at their home Kanazawa vanvanV4 today, April 30th (Sun).

The 3rd digital single "Unstable Boy" released on May 24th (Wednesday) is the 3rd digital single released about 4 months after the 2nd mini album "Kodou" released in January this year.
The jacket photo is by Ba.Cho. Horiuchi, who has worked on numerous CD artworks and goods designs.

The guest band for the sponsored festival "Shofuku Zesshou FESTIVAL 2023" to be held at Kanazawa EIGHT HALL on 8/4 (Friday) will be announced at a later date.
The first advance ticket (lottery) for this event, which will be held for the first time this year in the band's activity base, Kanazawa, is available until 23:59 on Sunday, May 7th.
Check the official website for other details.

【release information】
3rd digital single
"Unstable Boy"
Released on Wednesday, May 24, 2023

[Live information]
push pull pot pre.
“Shofuku Zesshou FESTIVAL 2023”

2023.8.4 (Fri) Ishikawa Kanazawa EIGHT HALL
Open 16:00 / Start 16:30 (scheduled to finish at 20:30)

[Appearance] Push-Pull Pot and more…
[Ticket] Advance ¥3,800 (separate fee for D)
▼ 1st advance (lottery): 4/30 (Sun) 19:30 to 5/7 (Sun) 23:59
▼General release: 6/17 (Sat) 10:00~
Reception URL:https://eplus.jp/pushpullpot/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/pushpullpot
YouTube: https://youtube.com/@pushpullpot

[Push-pull pot profile]
A four-piece rock band from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.
The members are Vo.Gt. Daiki Yamaguchi, Gt.Cho. Takuya Kuwabara, Ba.Cho. Kazunori Horiuchi, and Dr.Cho. Ryutaro Myojin.
Formed in 2017 after meeting in a university light music club. Average age is 25. The concept of the band is "everyone gets along".
Vo.Gt. Yamaguchi, who writes and composes the lyrics, has a two-faced singing voice, and the songs drawn based on his actual experiences sometimes push his back and sometimes snuggle up to him.
Live performances full of heat have become a hot topic, and entry restrictions are being imposed at circuit festivals in various places.
The number of live performances exceeds 120 per year.
In April 2021, LD&K's new label "STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!" released the first nationwide distribution mini-album "Bokura no Mama de" as the first artist.