BruteRocks' first EP "SOUNDSCAPE" will be released!

Sendai four-piece rock band BruteRocks has announced that they will release their first EP "SOUNDSCAPE" on August 16th (Wednesday).

"Overtaker" is a song for people who are struggling but still trying hard to move forward, and "Go, Oh! Oh!" A total of 4 songs including the song are scheduled to be recorded.

This work, which contains BruteRocks' songs that are energetic and catchy, but also have words that are close to each other, is a work that naturally enters as a "soundscape" that blends into everyday life and the environment. It's becoming

Also, if you purchase at a Tower Records store, you will receive a jacket sticker as a purchaser benefit.
I want you to get it by all means this summer.

▼ Product information
BruteRocks 1st EP "SOUNDSCAPE"
Release date: Wednesday, August 16, 2023
CD price: ¥1,300 (excluding tax)

[recorded music]
2. Overtaker
3. Go, Oh! Oh!
4. Dear Life
Product number: 397-LDKCD
Label: Living, Dining & Kitchen Records
* Stream here →

The latest information is posted on the band's SNS and HP, so be sure to check it out.
Please pay attention to them who are evolving day by day.

"Re:Starter" MV

"Better Way" MV

"Drag Down" MV

"Fluorite" MV

"Jaded" MV

"Brave Heart" MV

"Ever After" MV

"Rock the World" MV

"Overtaker" MV

"Go, Oh! Oh!" MV

▼Brute Rocks profile
A four-piece rock band BruteRocks formed in Sendai in 2014.
Vo, Gt Sota worked on the lyrics and composition, and is based in Sendai city with highly complete songs that interweave melodious and catchy vocals and powerful band sounds influenced by various music centered on Western music. .
He has experienced large-scale circuit events all over Japan, including his hometown of Sendai.
Furthermore, they performed at Tohoku's largest music festival, "Ishigaki Music Festival". In March 2020, the 2nd Full Album “No HEROES Allowed Here” was released.
From March 2022, we will release singles for 3 consecutive months.
Among them, "Re:Starter" released in March 2022 has been adopted as the ending theme song for TV Tokyo's "Moyamoya Summers 2".
In July 2022, the first nationwide distribution album "ROCK THE WORLD DOWN" will be released.
Along with the release, they are still active mainly in their hometown Sendai and Tokyo, such as conducting tours in Tohoku, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.