“Yuki Kei” solo exhibition “HAKOBUne-2023- Preparation for departure” will be held!

Artist "Yuki Satoshi" draws sounds of infinite colors with "music" heard with "ears" and "art" seen with "eyes".
It has been announced that a solo exhibition "HAKOBUne-2023- Preparation for departure" will be held at Gallery Conceal Shibuya for nine days from November 11th to 19th.

Based on the myth of ``Noah's Ark,'' the project began with the idea that ``I'm going to build my own ark and carry the lives that I don't want to die out.''
Kei Yuki's solo exhibition "HAKOBUne" series was first held in 2019 and will be held for the fifth time this year.

It has been held in various places and with various themes,
This year, for the fifth time, it will be held again at Gallery Conceal Shibuya, where his first solo exhibition was held.

The theme this time is “Preparation for departure.”

This solo exhibition brings together past works created so far and new works created this year, bringing the total to over 70 works.
It looks like this will be a solo exhibition that can be said to be the culmination of five years of work.

In addition, many original works that have not been sold in the past will be sold at this exhibition.
There are also plans to sell new goods.

Admission is free, so free up some space in your trunk and
I would like you to come and enjoy the world of Kei Yuki's art.

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▼Comment from Satoshi Yuki
After a long voyage, we are now at the port.
I'm just looking back on my journey and reveling in the past.
Time just passes.
In front of the blank map, I wondered who I would become next.
Living absentmindedly.

By the time my senses had become dull,
I also have
I started dreaming of traveling.

If that happens, first of all,
I thought about what I was carrying too much.
I know there is a limit to what can fit in the trunk.
I also thought about what I really needed.
I don't understand it yet, but I understand it better than before.
How can I start running again?
How to get excited about departure
I thought hard.

Come on,
Start preparing for your next trip.

■Event overview
Kei Yuki solo exhibition “HAKOBUne-2023- Preparation for departure”
Event period: November 11th (Sat) - November 19th (Sun), 2023
Time: 12:00-20:00 (OPEN at 13:00 on the first day only)
Venue: Gallery Conceal Shibuya
Admission fee: Free

■ Latest release information
Digital Single "I will disappear in spring"
Delivery date: Wednesday, March 8
Delivery part number: LDTN-0006

・ Each distribution site:https://orcd.co/lostmeinthespring
・Music Videos:

▼Profile of Satoshi Yuki
June 5, 1998 Born in Oita Prefecture, raised in Saitama Prefecture
"You don't have to resonate with people who don't face life"
The creator "Yuki Satoshi" faces "living" and stirs the emotions of "living" through expression.
When you can't believe the sound, rely on what you can see.When you can't believe what you can see, rely on the sound you hear.
An artist who draws sounds of infinite colors with "music" heard with "ears" and "art" seen with "eyes"
In addition to his activities as a singer-songwriter, he is active in multiple fields, such as artwork for CDs and goods, producing plants and apparel, and being deeply involved in stage decoration and music video production.

・Official Website:https://yukiakira.com/
・Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/Yuki_Akirart
・Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/yukiakirart/