Village Man's Store "Michizure" Music Video released today!

Village Man's Store, a wild horse born in Nagoya, has released the music video for their 4th digital single "Michizure", which was released today, October 18th (Wednesday).

Village Man's Store "Michizure" (Official Music Video)

Directed by Mani Kato, the film ``Michizure'' unfolds at a dizzying pace with intense lighting and performance scenes featuring members wearing zombie make-up. It is a work that is truly typical of Village Man's Store, combining explosive power and a sense of speed. Please pay attention to each member's unique zombie makeup and zombie acting.

Village Man's Store will begin its national tour "Katte Shiyagaru" which will be held at 19 locations nationwide from October 26th (Thursday). Tickets are currently on sale to the general public. Check the official website for more details.

"release information"

Villageman's store

4th Digital Single “Michizure”

Distribution release on Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Product number: LDCD-777

Label:Living,Dining&kitchen Records
Included song: M1 Michizure

《Tour information》

Village Man's Store Tour 2023 "Do whatever you want"

10/26 (Thu) Chiba LOOK / *One-man performance

10/28 (Sat) Mito Lighthouse / *To be announced later

10/29 (Sun) Sendai MACANA / GUEST: Atomic Skipper

11/3 (Friday Holiday) Nagano J / GUEST: Psychic Warrior Dorian

11/4 (Sat) Niigata CLUB RIVERST / GUEST: Psychic Warrior Dorian

11/10 (Friday) Takamatsu DIME / GUEST: Ome De Tai Head de Nyori

11/11 (Sat) Shunan RISING HALL / GUEST: Omedetai Head de Nyori

11/13 (Monday) Kyoto MUSE / GUEST: Push-pull pot

11/18 (Sat) Kobe Taiyo to Tora / *One-man performance

11/23 (Thursday holiday) Akita club SWINDLE / GUEST: THIS IS JAPAN, Toranoko Rummy

11/25 (Sat) Hakodate ARARA / GUEST: Chevon, Large House Satisfaction

11/26 (Sun) Sapporo Bessie Hall / GUEST: Minami, Large House Satisfaction

11/30 (Thursday) Hiroshima ALMIGHTY *To be announced later

12/2 (Sat) Kumamoto navaro *To be announced later

12/3 (Sun) Fukuoka Quebeclick *To be announced later

12/5 (Tue) Oita SPOT *To be announced later

12/8 (Friday) Umeda CLUB QUATTRO *To be announced later

12/15 (Friday) Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO *To be announced later

12/17 (Sun) Nagoya CLUB QUATTRO *To be announced later

《Ticket details》

Advance ¥4,000 (tax included) / On the day ¥4,500 (tax included) (*D charge not included)
▼General tickets now on sale

《Villagemans Store Official Website》