Push-Pull Pot from Kanazawa performs live on the dream "SCHOOL OF LOCK!" for 20 minutes, creating a huge response! ! Vo/Gt Yamaguchi “The day my dream came true”

4-person band “Push Pull Pot” from Kanazawa will be featured on TOKYO FM “SCHOOL OF LOCK!”
They appeared live on March 25th (Monday) and performed 6 songs in band form.
Also, at the beginning of the program, the new song "Gold March" released on April 3rd was aired for the first time as a surprise.

March 11, 2011
When Vo/G Yamaguchi was 13 years old, he was affected by the Great East Japan Earthquake in his hometown of Iwate Kuji.
They say they were saved by music played from a radio that was distributed as relief supplies at the evacuation center.
In fact, the program that was playing that music was "SCHOOL OF LOCK!"
That experience led to him starting a band.

In March 2024, 13 years later, he appeared on "SCHOOL OF LOCK!".
On this day, instead of the usual guests, they brought their equipment to the studio and performed a live performance with the same band as at the live house.

With the MC saying, ``I too was saved by the music that came on the radio.''
Live start with “Aishiteru ni ni ni”! Next, they performed "Unstable Boy".

At this point, Yamaguchi begins to speak...
Great East Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011 I'm from Iwate, and I had no place to return to, and the new house I was supposed to move into three days later was washed away.
When I was preparing for my graduation ceremony in 1st year of middle school, I had no interest in music, but the music that came on the radio made me who I am today.

I can say good morning, good night, and sorry again tomorrow, so please do it later.
Living is not something we take for granted.
I know it's extremely painful, but don't die. Don't take your own life and die.
I learned that from the radio

13 years later, I'm standing and singing to the School of Rock I was listening to.
I'm playing music because I want to save you
Rock band is really good
"School of Rock" Thank you for saving me!
I was happy to be able to sing
I hope this song reaches you..."13 Years Old Night"

“I wonder if I can become like the hero I was 13 years ago, even though I don’t even know his name. 13 years later,
I'm seriously coming to save you! ! ” and performed “laughing.”

Then, it reappeared at 23:00,
After getting on the phone with a 15-year-old female student who had been traumatized by friendships at school in the past and speaking to her with words of encouragement.
``Tomo'' sings ``Let's do our best'' instead of ``Ganbare''.

At night, I think about all sorts of negative things, and I feel like I want to die or disappear.
You can hear School of Rock and our music in the middle of the night!
I'll make you feel glad to be alive at this moment! Then, they performed the last song of the night, "Iki Ike."

Principal Komori said, ``It was the best night that I truly felt that today was connected to someday in the future.
Stand up! see you tomorrow~! He ended the program with his usual phrase.

After the program ended, there was a huge response with many posts on SNS.

– – – – – – – – – – –
The boy who was saved by School of Rock 13 years ago will have saved many teenagers and the smoldering memories of those once upon a time at School of Rock tonight.
Mr. Push Pull Pot's music was the cry of the soul. thank you very much.
– – – – – – – – – – –
It's often said, ``Don't think about things at night,'' but if there's music and words that flow through your veins, there's definitely a meaning to musing. I couldn't sleep for a while and cried every night, so I wanted to listen to the two hours tonight. The visit of the future born 13 years ago was wonderful! I'm happy to be there. see you tomorrow.
– – – – – – – – – – –
I can't stop crying. Thank you for saving me.
I think I'll get out of the house for a little bit tomorrow, and I'll try to eat a little bit.
– – – – – – – – – – –
“After 13 years, I have seriously come to save you.”
cry of the soul
Hearing it on the radio, hearing it from School of Rock, it's a real hero.
– – – – – – – – – – –
Listening to a band's songs live makes me feel so numb...I can convey my feelings to them.
I hope I can hear some great music at a live venue someday... I feel like I can take another step forward tomorrow. Let's do our best
– – – – – – – – – – –

Vo/G Yamaguchi wrote the following words on SNS.

“13 years later March 25, 2024
The day my dream came true

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Hearing deadline: April 2, 2024 (Tuesday) 4:59 AM
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[“Push Pull Pot” Profile]
A four-piece rock band from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.
The members are Vo.Gt. Daiki Yamaguchi, Gt.Cho. Takuya Kuwabara, Ba.Cho. Kazunori Horiuchi, and Dr.Cho. Ryutaro Myojin.
The band's concept is "everyone gets along".
It was formed in the university's light music club and became the current member in 2019.
In 2021, STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! will release the first nationally distributed mini-album ``Bokura Mama de''.
In January 2023, the 2nd mini album “Kodo” was released and a tour was held in 11 locations nationwide.
All performances in Tokyo, Nagoya, and Kanazawa, which will be his first solo performance, are sold out.
In August, the first sponsored festival "Shofuku Zessho FESTIVAL" was held at Kanazawa EIGHT HALL and was sold out.
The gentle yet powerful singing voice of Vo.Gt. Yamaguchi, who writes and composes the songs, the gem melody that is sure to be a sing-along, and the passionate performance that directly shakes the hearts of the viewers have become a hot topic, and circuit festivals around the country have repeatedly restricted admission.
Although based in Kanazawa, they perform over 120 live shows a year and appear at large festivals such as ``Million Rock Festival'' and ``SWEET LOVE SHOWER,'' steadily spreading their name throughout the country.

[“Push Pull Pot” OFFICIAL SITE]