Tokyo Psycho-Pass will release their 9th single "PSYCHO WAVE/Nocturnal Boogie" composed by Hidaka Toru on June 27th!

Tokyo Psychopath, the craziest punk idol group from Shibuya, will release a two-song digital single, "PSYCHO WAVE/Nocturnal Boogie," on June 27th.
Both songs are produced by Hidaka Toru, who can now be considered a close friend.
The title track, "PSYCHO WAVE," is the first time that member Shira Gozen has tried his hand at writing lyrics.
"Instead of turning the difficult world we live in into a tragedy, let's turn it all into energy for living."
It contains a message that only these women can convey.
The music video was already released on June 15th.
This is a story-based work, which is rare for Psycho-Pass. Even if there is a step you can't take, it will surely give you the support you need!

The coupling track, "Nocturnal Boogie," is a rare emotional ballad.
They expressed the loneliness that everyone experiences in their songs in their own unique way.

Although the two songs are different in style, they are both digital singles that showcase their unique style.
Tokyo Psycho-Pass continues to move forward after their US tour and member departure.
His performance at live shows where he brings a stepladder onto the dance floor and jumps on it (!) is also very popular.
I hope you will take a look at their way of life.

<Release Information>

Released 2024/06/27 0:00
Digital Single "PSYCHO WAVE/Nocturnal Boogie"
Product code: LDCD-782
* Scheduled to be distributed through each subscription service

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