6/11 "Dramatic Alaska" finally debuts! Nationwide tour is also decided!

On 6/11, Kobe's rookie band "Dramatic Alaska" will finally make its national debut!

Even before their debut, they were aired on various media such as TOKYO FM "SCHOOL OF LOCK!" and received a great response! ,

1000 venue limited editions sold out! , Selected as a bird at Kobe's large-scale festival "Coming Gukobe"! etc,

Dramatic Alaska continues to attract attention from all quarters.


Such a dramatic Alaska, but with excess momentum, a nationwide tour has been decided! Start from 8/4 (Sun) Kobe "Sun and Tiger"!

If you haven't experienced Alaska yet, check it out!

In addition, it has been decided that they will appear at the Gagaga SP-sponsored event "Nagata Daikoshinkyoku Koukaku 2013" to be held on 6/23 (Sun.) at Akasaka BLITZ in Tokyo!

Dramatic Alaska, which made its debut with much fanfare, continues its rapid advance...


Debut mini album "Dramatic Alaska"

Released June 11, 2013

01. Redial

02. 01

03. Impulse

04. Eccentric Alkaholic

242-LDK CD / ¥1,260 (tax-in)


[Live information]

<Alaskanize Tour 2013>

8/4 (Sun) Kobe Sun and Tiger

8/17 (Sat) Chiba LOOK

8/19 (Mon) Shinjuku LOFT


8/22 (Thu) Kanazawa AZ


8/29 (Thu) Kochi X-pt

8/31 (Sat) Takamatsu DIME

9/2 (Mon) Kyoto MOJO

9/3 (Tue) Shinsaibashi PANGEA

9/6 (Fri) Fukuoka graf

9/8 (Sun) Miyazaki SR BOX

9/9 (Mon) Kagoshima SR HALL

9/11 (Wednesday) Hiroshima Cave-Be

9/12 (Thu) Okayama CRAZY MAMA 2nd ROOM

9/13 (Fri) Yonago AZTIC laughs




6/23 (Sun.) "Nagata Grand March 2013" @Akasaka Blitz w / Gagaga SP, ROTTENGRAFTY, Alcala, Yoseikyu

[Event HP] http://www.ldandk.com/nagata2013/


6/28 (Fri) "2 man live from record" @Kobe Taiyo and Tora w / Fish Life


6/30 (Sun) "MONSTER baSH&RUSH BALL presents Collabo"

@Okayama CRAZY MAMA KINGDAM w / KANA-BOON, 4-star ball, etc.

Shibuya Keema Curry at Sakuragaoka Cafe scored 99 points in the "Please! Ranking"


Sakuragaoka cuff introduced in "Please! Ranking"Shibuya Keema Curry.
Highly rated by chef Kawagoe's random scoringI received 99 points of value!

It is also served at the affiliated Udagawa Cafe Annex,
I'd love toPlease try it once ☆ Perfect for hot summer

"The 1st Public Planning Meeting of Wool and Flowers"

amalka twitter retweet campaign

TOYOTA SPADE CM, Chelsea Hotel manager Shuichi Kawasaki as narrator

■TV-CM information

Publication date: 2013/06/01

Appearance Male surfer: Julien Jolivet
Parasol Men: Alexis
Bikini Woman: Katya Romanova
Dalmatian Dog: Shu Narrator: Shuichi Kawasaki
music Song name: SOME NIGHTS
Singer: FUN.

Take me to a beheading one-man Episode 3


It all started here! Click here for the first episode

Click here for the second episode in which that kenekn unexpectedly made a guest appearance
And in the third episode, the members challenge voice actors!
Drummer Asuka Kawamoto appeared as a mysterious woman "Rin"

The story is finally at its climax! Next time is finally the last time, but what
The final episode will be open to the public at the venue of the one-man live performance!

No plans to upload it on YouTube like before!
So be sure to come to the venue and watch the impressive (?) finale!

☆ June 8th (Sat) Shibuya O-WEST
Beheaded prison club one-man live "Take me to a beheaded one-man"
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00
Advance ¥3,000/Door ¥3,500/Drink ¥500

[Play guide handling]
Lawson ticket L code: 72364
Pia P code: 195-015
There is a student discount! High school students and younger: advance ticket ¥3,000→¥1,000 with student ID
* If you have already purchased a ticket, you will receive a cashback on the day.

By the way, this is the song Rin-san is talking about called "Mago Power"↓
Beheading Prison Club "Mago Power"

For other details, please visit the official website of the Uchikubi Gokumon Club!

Jun Miura & Hajime Anzai "Katte ni Kanko Kyokai" won the Special Award of the Tourism Video Grand Prize at the Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia.