Gagaga SP 10/8 (Wednesday) "Space Shower Retsuden Volume 100 Commemorative Performance" @Shinjuku Loft!

Space Shower TV Sponsored Event Space Shower Retsuden
Gagaga SP will appear in the memorable 100th volume commemorative performance!


Title: Space Shower Retsuden Volume 100 Commemorative Performance Volume 104 Fun Feast
Date: Wednesday, October 8, 2014
Venue: Shinjuku LOFT
Doors open/start: 18:00/19:00
Starring: Gagaga SP / Bomb Johnny and more!!
Price: [Advance sale] All standing ¥3,800 (tax included, drink fee not included)
[Ticket information]
■ First advance reservation (lottery): August 13th (Wednesday) 15:00 to August 19th (Tuesday) 23:59 Accepted only for e-plus
■ Second advance reservation (lottery): August 27th (Wednesday) 12:00 (noon) to September 2nd (Tuesday) 23:59 Only e-plus accepted

Kariyushi 58, new album release decision! A super advanced audition will also be held!

Kariyushi 58 will release their new single "Oh! Today" on July 23rd.
The long-awaited new album will be released in October.

Details such as the title will be announced later.

Also, to commemorate the release of the single, from among the purchasers of "Oh! Today",
A super premium event limited to 58 people will be held on 8/21 (Thursday) by lottery.

While the members themselves talk about the feelings they put into the songs on the album,
A super advanced audition where you can listen to those songs earlier than anywhere else.
In addition, talks with members are also planned.
This is an event where you can witness rare content such as episodes of album music production that can only be heard here.

This summer, we are also deciding to appear at events in various places such as Okinawa and Tohoku.
Fan club limited live also decided! !

The hot summer of Kariyushi 58 has just begun...


[Event overview]
"Limited to 58 people! Listen to the new album with Kariyushi 58!
Date: August 21, 2014 (Thursday) Scheduled to start at 19:00
Location: Somewhere in Tokyo
Contents: Pre-listening of new album songs
Talk session with members, etc.
*For details and how to apply, please see the leaflet enclosed with the new single "Oh! Today."

[Product information]
▽ New Album "Title TBA"
Released in October 2014!

▽ New Single "Oh! Today"
July 23 release
LDCD-50103/B ¥1,800 (excluding tax)
CD + DVD specifications

[recorded music]

1. Oh! Today
2. Free
3. When the hydrangeas bloom

"Separate Volume Kariyushi TV ~Beyond~"
• Nationwide 47 prefecture tour “Hisai Road Beyond 2013-14”
Final performance SHIBUYA-AX digest
• Before the beginning (SHIBUYA-AX live video)
Kariyushi 58 tour launch talk-overtime-

▽ Live DVD "Kariyushi TV Part 6"
June 25 release
LDBD-50004 ¥3,800 (excluding tax)
*Live DVD for the first time in two and a half years, featuring footage from the additional performance at SHIBUYA-AX on April 13th (Sun).
Also includes off-shots and bonus footage.

[Live information]
6/21 (Sat): MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK @Miyakojima
7/12 (Sat): PEACEFUL LOVE ROCK FES @ Okinawa
7/13 (Sun): Kariyushi 58 vs Gagaga SP @ Okinawa Sakurazaka Central
7/23 (Wed): ISAHAYA SOUL ALIVE2014 @ Isahaya, Nagasaki
7/26 (Sat): OGA NAMAHAGE ROCK FES @ Oga City, Akita
8/30 (Sat): ORANGE RANGE presents "TV Night 014" @Okinawa Music Town Otoichiba
9/6 (Sat): FREEDOM aozora 2014 @ Miyazaki Miyazaki Rinkai Park
10/4 (Sat), 5 (Sun): What a Wonderful World!! 14 @Okinawa Yomitan Village

▽ 8/9 (Sat), 10 (Sun): Tokyo Shibuya Chelsea Hotel
▽ 8/13 (Wednesday): Fukuoka DRUM SON
▽ 8/15 (Fri), 16 (Sat): Umeda Shangri-La, Osaka
▽ 8/18 (Monday): Nagoya APPOLO BASE

*Check the official website for details!

Special free LIVE held to commemorate the release of Gagaga SP new single "Konchi Kishome"


"Nagata Shrine March in Nagata Shrine"

Gagaga SP / Mega Masahide / KOBerrieS♪(OA)

Date: Saturday, June 21, 2014
Venue: Nagata Shrine (Nagata Ward, Kobe City)
Time: Doors open 13:00 Start 13:30 (Scheduled to finish at 15:00)
Ticket price: Free admission
How to enter: Numbered tickets will be distributed at the venue on the day of the event. (Scheduled to distribute numbered tickets around 10:00)
*The event will be held rain or shine, canceled in stormy weather.

Gagaga SP and KOBerrieS♪'s `` Kawara Senbei '' (made at the shopping street in front of Nagata Shrine) will be distributed free of charge (1000 pieces) at the venue on the day of the event. 500 each for Gagaga SP and KOBerrieS♪.

Other details will be announced soon on the official website! looking forward to! !

Contact: LD&K Osaka Office (06-6343-8603)

The best & BLITZ live performance of the Hitokugokumon Club, which pierces through "how about love"!


[10 pole project special site]

With the concept of life-based loud rock, they have received support from various musicians,
The band "Uchikubi Gokumon Club", which has an overwhelmingly high approval rate in the industry, will celebrate its 10th anniversary.

As a 10th anniversary project, we planned various projects named "10 Prison Project".

The 10 Goku Broadcasting Station, which is being distributed online, is loosely broadcasting projects that do not seem like musicians.
In the latest work, which is now in its 5th installment, both Mr. Fujimura and Mr. Ureshino, the directors of "What about Wednesday?", will appear.

His favorite artist is "How about Wednesday?"
"88", "How do you like the pie?"
Start a new project.

The full picture is now available on "10 Goku Broadcasting Station"!

And what about that kind of Wednesday, a song full of love
"Take me to Jiro," which has recently become a hot topic on the internet news,
“Delicious stick” with respect for Umaibo
The release of the best album "10 Goku ~TENGOKU~", which includes
A deluxe edition including 7 re-recorded sound sources and 3 new songs out of the 16 songs planned!

After the release of the best album, the tour final named "10 Stairs to Hell".
The venue is Akasaka BLITZ.
Are you kidding or are you serious?
Popularity and mobilization are rapidly increasing, with delicious sticks flying around the venue and original images projected by VJs attracting attention.

Acceptance of the fastest advance reservation for the attention live has also started.
Pre-orders are being accepted from the Kokugoku club website.

[Work information]
■The first best album!
"10 Hell ~TENGOKU~"
Released on 8/20 Contains 16 songs (7 re-recorded songs / 3 new songs)
252-LDKCD 2,500 yen (excluding tax)

[Live information]
■ Akasaka BLITZ one-man live decided!
"10th Anniversary Tour Final "10 Stairs to Hell""
Ticket price 3,500 yen (tax not included, D fee not included)

Wool and Flower ~Announcement and apology for performance cancellation and performance cancellation~

This time, "Wool and Flower" has decided to enter long-term medical treatment due to the deterioration of Chiba Hana's chronic disease.
Therefore, the currently scheduled performance of “Wool and Flower” will be canceled and the performance will be cancelled.
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience and concern for everyone who was looking forward to the performance.

<Performance Cancellation / Appearance Cancellation>
・May 24 (Sat) [Kagawa] Shiogami Fanfare vol.1 @ Former Shiogami Kindergarten in Takamatsu *Canceled
・May 25 (Sun) [Kochi] SHIMANTO moment vol.1 @ Hanpei (former Tsuzuki Hanpei House) *Cancelled
・June 7th (Sat) [Tokyo] Wool and Flower Live Day vol.6 @ Jiyu Gakuen Myonichikan * Performance canceled
・June 8th (Sun) [Oita] Yufuin "Tabi suru Ongaku" Waltz Of The Rain 2014 *Canceled

We will inform you about the refund of each ticket later on the official website of Womo and Ohana.

Wool and flower official HP

May 21, 2014
LUCY K Co., Ltd. / LD&K

Kariyushi 58, "I live now" new song release decision! !

Kariyushi 58 will release a new song for the first time in over a year on July 23rd.
The title is still undecided, but it's a Kariyushi 58-like theme of "living in the present".
Please look forward to it.

And, the first time in two and a half years that was recorded mainly on the video of this SHIBUYA-AX final performance
A live DVD will be released in June.

Furthermore, fan club limited live is also decided! !
August 9th (Sat)/10th (Sun): Shibuya Chelsea Hotel, Tokyo
August 13 (Wednesday): Fukuoka DRUM SON
August 15th (Friday) / 16th (Saturday): Osaka Umeda Shangri-La
August 18 (Mon): Nagoya APPOLO BASE

Performances in various places have been decided! Check the official website for details!

The hot summer of Kariyushi 58, who have decided to perform at summer festivals one after another, is about to begin...

[Product information]

▽ New Single "Title TBD"
July 23 release
LDCD-50103 ¥1,800 (excluding tax)

▽ Live DVD "Kariyushi TV Part 6"
June 25 release
LDBD-50004 ¥3,800 (excluding tax)
*Live DVD for the first time in two and a half years, featuring footage from the additional performance at SHIBUYA-AX on April 13th (Sun).
Also includes off-shots and bonus footage.

[Live information]

6/21 (Sat): MIYAKO ISLAND ROCK @Miyakojima
7/12 (Sat): PEACEFUL LOVE ROCK FES @ Okinawa
7/26 (Sat): OGA NAMAHAGE ROCK FES @ Oga City, Akita
9/6 (Sat): FREEDOM @ Miyazaki


The definitive version of EDM, Bakuage Megamix CD is here! ! !

LAFAO, David Guetta, Avicii, Pitbull, Flo Rida, Chris Brown...
All the songs that are hard to beat are included! ! !
DJ KAZ, who rocks clubs in Shibuya alongside DJ FUMI★YEAH!, has been selected as the DJ! ! ! ! !
A super party mix that can't help but get angry!
Perfect for summer foam parties and beach parties! ! ! !


Kariyushi 58, national tour additional performance decision! ! !

Kariyushi 58 is currently on a nationwide tour of 47 prefectures, “High Sai Road Beyond 2013-14”.
Additional performances for the nationwide tour have been decided!

4/5 (Sat), 6 (Sun): Osaka Namba Hatch
4/13 (Sun): Tokyo SHIBUYA-AX


"Wool and Flower Public Planning Meeting"

Gagaga SP <Nagata Grand March 2013>, all performances ended