Call for demo tapes


LD&K Records, producers of Gagaga SP and Kariyushi 58, are calling for demo tapes. Information on the submitted sound sources will be shared with our president, A&R, and each live house store. LD&K does not have a section for discovering new talent, and all of our employees are focused on discovering new talent. With the flexibility of an independent label, we are able to make debut decisions at a speed unmatched by major record companies. We are waiting for your application.


・ A band, unit, singer-songwriter, track maker, arranger (regardless of the form of activity) aiming for a CD debut, or an agent with the consent of the person
・Age, gender, nationality, music genre, and style are welcome. (Minors need parental consent)
・People who do not have a contractual relationship with a specific production, publisher, or label you can't.)
・In the unlikely event that a claim such as infringement of rights arises, it will be resolved by the applicant's responsibility and will not cause any trouble to our company.

Application method

Please send the sound source and profile to the following address.

Apply to
〒151-0061 2-5-8 Hatsudai, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Nishi-Shinjuku Toyokuni Building 1F
LD&K Co., Ltd. "Recruiter for demo tapes"
* We will not return the submitted application materials.

Examination outcome

・Only those who have passed the first screening will be contacted by phone or e-mail.
・In addition to releases from each label of LD&K, we may request live performances, song provision and narration.
・Please note that we cannot respond to inquiries regarding the screening results.


LD&K Co., Ltd.
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