LD&K Starts "Yuru Housework Project" with BEAMS and Super Daddy Association!

<LD&K>, which operates a wide range of music genres, labels, cafes, etc.
With the Super Daddy Association (SDA), a group of dads who propose to actively participate in child-rearing this time
We will release "MUSIC & BOOK" and "Apron" with the theme of "loose housework" by collaboration.

"Yuru housework" means "Let's do loose housework" as the name suggests.
Drinking coffee while listening to music, as one of "play" and "relaxation time"
It is to suggest home making to do.

MUSIC & BOOK is music that makes men want to enjoy housework,
A set of how-to books for daily household chores.
The music is created by Living Records Tokyo*, who pursued music that goes well with coffee as the definitive cafe compilation, and DJ KGO, who is also a father of three daughters, as music that you want to listen to when doing housework.

A compilation CD covering hit songs from the 70s to the present that will make you feel positive and happy, and <B: MING LIFE STORE> staff's "how to make coffee/washing/shining shoes/interior", etc. We will propose new ways to connect with everyday life and music, such as things you didn't know and information you can get.

In addition, with the theme of "coolness that men want to wear", B:MING LIFE STORE original apron was produced with the cooperation of SDA. While valuing the men's eyes, it is a gem that has been particular about fine details such as the material and the 2-way specification that can be used as a half apron.
Please look forward to future loose housework projects.