A new store of LD&K, which handles the "Udagawa Cafe" series, "Yakeyama", a gibier yakiniku specialty restaurant directly delivered from the farm, will open in Nakameguro on 2/9 (Tue.).


This time, LD&K Co., Ltd., which develops various food and beverage business formats including "Udagawa Cafe", which sparked the Shibuya cafe boom,
We will open the charcoal-grilled Gibier specialty yakiniku restaurant "Yakeyama" in Nakameguro, which will be the 24th store nationwide.

Gibier is French for the meat of wild birds and beasts such as deer and wild boar captured by "hunting".
At our restaurant, we use the umami of wild birds and beasts caught as ingredients by the traditional "hunting" that has continued since ancient times in Japan.
The best way to fully enjoy it is by grilling it over a charcoal grill.
We named our restaurant "Yakiyama" in the sense that it is a restaurant where you can grill "food from the mountains."

LD&K's own factory "Kyushu Game Processing Center", which is located in Yufuin, Oita Prefecture, is able to procure expensive ingredients that are generally difficult to obtain and whose supply is not stable. can be offered at a reasonable price.
You can also enjoy ingredients that are rarely on the market due to distribution. (Details of our factory will be announced at a later date.)

The meat used is deer, wild boar, rabbit, horse, mountain pigeon, duck, pheasant, wild bird, crow, and cormorant. (Bulbul), quail (quail), raccoon dog (raccoon dog), palm civet, raccoon, ostrich, and other ingredients that are particularly delicious during the season.
In addition, we are particular about "flavored vegetables" that enhance the taste of meat, and we have a wide variety of a la carte dishes such as coriander, watercress, parsley, mitsuba, etc.

Following the opening of Japan's only Anaguma (Mujina) membership-only sukiyaki specialty store "Mujinaya (Shibuya / Shinsen)", which was supported by crowdfunding and opened in July last year,
Please enjoy LD&K's second Gibier specialty store, "Nakameguro 'Yakeyama'" to your heart's content.

In March 2016, a gibier specialty store opened in Oita City.
In the spring, we will also open our own factory "Kyushu Game Processing Center" in Yufuin, Oita Prefecture.

Centering on the original night cafe "Udagawa Cafe",
Please look forward to LD&K's "Gibier Project", which will launch stores in unprecedented formats one after another.

[Overview of Nakameguro “Yakeyama” store]
Store name: Charcoal-grilled gibier "Yakeyama"
Business hours: 17:30-2:00 the next day
Address: 2F, 2-44-24 Kamimeguro, Meguro-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-6412-7417