"Yam Yum Thai Night ~ Super Spicy Edition ~ Shibuya No.1 Super Spicy Thai Ramen Unveiled ~" presented by Shibuya Beer

Date: 2017/5/31 (Wed) 20:00-23:00
Place: Shibuya Spain-zaka "Bangkok Night" (13-4 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo Kokusai Building C)
Price: 3,000 yen (extra spicy course meal + all-you-can-drink soft drinks and alcohol)

The delicious event "Yam Yum Thai Night" will start at the authentic Thai restaurant "Bangkok Night", which opened in Shibuya Spain-zaka in March this year. "Yam" in Thai means "to mix" and "yummy" in English means "delicious", so it is a food event that mixes various Thai exotic foods.
The first installment is "Super Spicy Edition". Bangkok Night's original super spicy Thai ramen "Fire Ramen" will be unveiled. We have arranged and developed a spicier version of the famous noodles in Chiang Rai, Northern Thailand.

▽What is fire ramen?
The chicken-based soup uses a type of Thai chili called Prik Keenu and a lot of black pepper, and it's spicy enough to make you sweat. The noodles use the same rice flour noodles as Tom Yum Ramen, and you can eat it lightly.
+1~+10~+Extreme spiciness We also offer toppings of red and green chili peppers, so you can adjust the spiciness to your liking.

Based on the rich and spicy dishes prepared by Chef Thanong, who trained at the historical luxury hotel "Chiang Mai Phucome Hotel" in Chiang Mai, Thailand, appetizers and main dishes are also available for those who like spicy food. All-you-can-drink menu of more than 45 kinds of drinks, including “energy beer” “Shibuya Beer” with maca, planned and developed by LD&K, which operates “Bangkok Night”. Spend the early summer nights while sweating and smacking your lips over the rich, spicy dishes that are not just spicy.

■ Course menu
Appetizer: Spicy chili and lemongrass salad
Main: grilled chicken thigh with original spicy sauce
Meals: Fire Ramen
Dessert (palate refresher): Thai tropical sweets

*For those who don't like spicy food, you can change to a milder curry noodle "Khao Soi (coconut milk and curry sauce noodles)", a specialty of northern Thailand.
* All-you-can-drink soft drinks and alcohol for 90 minutes (* Shibuya beer is limited to one bottle per person.)
*Limit one bottle of Shibuya beer per person.
* You can also order a la carte menu other than the course meal.
*As the definition of "spicy" in this event,
If you can eat all the "Kita* Ramen" from Mo*tanmen Nakamoto, you can enjoy it without difficulty.

■ Chef introduction
Born in North Central Thailand Uttaradit (meaning "Northern Wharf" in Thai).
Located on the right bank of the Nan River, it is an area where commerce and restaurants have developed as an important point for river transportation.
Born and raised in a family that runs a Thai-Chinese fusion restaurant.
Came to Japan after 5 years of training at the historical luxury hotel "Chiang Mai Phucome Hotel" in Chiang Mai, Thailand. In Tokyo, I studied Chinese and Western cuisine for 12 years, not only at Thai restaurants, but also in presentations inspired by each dish.
Appointed as a chef at "Bangkok Night" in Udagawacho, Shibuya as a chef who provides original Thai cuisine where you can enjoy the aroma of authentic spices and seasonings unique to Thai cuisine.