Solar eclipse Natsuko, 2000 copies limited single "Manatsu no Dinosaur" will be released simultaneously digitally on 6/23 (Wed.)

A blue sky canvas, Kaorufu's musical notation. Summer imagination drawn by solar eclipse Natsuko.

Nisshoku Natsuko, a piano-playing artist from Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture, has announced that she will release a 2000-piece limited single "Midsummer Dinosaur" on June 23, 2021 (Wednesday). Distribution will start on each music site from 0:00 on the same day.
The lead song of their second single this year, "Manatsu no Dinosaur", was arranged by n-buna, who is also active in the band Yorushika. Mr. Ruby Fatale participated in the programming for M3 "Fogata no Hakataba", and developed a new experiment in terms of sound.
This work was produced as a "charm to run through a difficult summer with a smile". I hope you will find the "perfect summer" drawn by eclipse Natsuko after a long night.

The artwork to be released at a later date will be a "skeleton" package that feels summer. Continuing from the previous work "Ongaku no Susume", items full of originality that can be enjoyed visually will be prepared. The early reservation privilege "Dinosaur Scales" is available for reservations until 5/14 (Fri.), and you can check the stores that carry it on the special page. Please check it out.

▼ “Midsummer Dinosaur” special page
▼Natsuko's comment on the solar eclipse
In the middle of summer, huge clouds rise vigorously.
At the moment we are taken aback, we are already on the back of a midsummer dinosaur.
The summer of 2021 is likely to be a summer in which we will have to worry about various things as usual, so I thought it would be great if there was an exhilarating sound that would blow my mind to the end.
A cumulonimbus cloud that suddenly appears in the summer sky and grows at a tremendous speed. The moment I am stunned looking at that is as if time has stopped, but everything seems to pass in an instant, and it is a very unreal time. I think that summer is the real thing when we pass through this moment, which is like a gaping void, and if we can stand side by side with someone and watch it until our necks hurt, then no matter where we go, the perfect summer will be at our feet. I think it's already done.
This work "Midsummer's Dinosaur" was made as a charm to run through the difficult summer with a smile. Please try to find the figure of Dinosaur while humming this song. I'm sure he'll take us, who can only laugh, to the other side of the summer.
To n-buna, who breathed life into my rough sketch of Dinosaur by layering vivid scale glitter and summer colors, and to everyone involved in the production of these three singles, the absolute best and the best. I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the arrival of summer.

[Product information]
Title: Midsummer Dinosaur
Release date: Wednesday, June 23, 2021
Price: ¥ 2,000 + tax / ¥ 2,200 tax included
Product number: 351-LDKCD
POS: 4580529530654
Label: Living, Dining & Kitchen Records

recorded music:
01. Midsummer Dinosaur
02. World March
03. Miniature Garden of Foam

Early Booking Benefits:
"Dinosaur scales" 3 types by corporation

Early reservation period:
May 2, 2021 (Sun) 12:00 to May 14, 2021 (Fri) Closed & Online 23:59

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