◆"Cafe Bohemia" is like this...

"If you take a step, there is a resort in a distant foreign country"
At Cafe Bohemia, where you can feel the exotic atmosphere,
Today, it is crowded with many people, mainly adults.

A belly dance show is held in the store every Tuesday and Thursday.
Shisha is served on the terrace.

Once you enter, you will want to come back again... Such a charming cafe restaurant.
I love entertainment, shisha, and music, as well as working at restaurants! It's a perfect environment for those who say.


* There is employee appointment. Please specify that you want to be an employee when applying.
job description<Hall>
*Seat information
*Receiving orders
*Cooking service
* Cash register work
・・・Every time you learn your work, you can step up such as shisha lectures and drink making!

"I want to work while having fun!"
There are many global customers, so this is a chance to improve your customer service and English skills!

* Preparation

The main menu is Middle Eastern cuisine supervised by Salaam Marine, and there is also an Italian menu.
Most of the items are prepared in-store!
Spacious open kitchen is attractive!
Work location36-22 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Noah Shibuya Part II 1F
Working hours[Example of working hours]
◆21:00~5:00 next day
◆23:00~5:00 next day
It supports a wide range of shifts, such as

*2 days or more per week
*Working hours consultation required
*Self-report system every 2 weeks
Hourly wage/treatment<Salary>
Basic hourly wage 1200 yen ~ + part of transportation expenses paid
* [After 22:00] Hourly wage 1500 yen ~

◆ There is a raise
Every skill up has a chance!
◆ Late night allowance (after 22:00)
◆Payment method: Once a month
◆ Transportation expenses: Partial payment separately (up to 10,000 yen per month)
◆In-house regulations

Partial payment of transportation expenses (up to 10,000 yen per month)
◆ Recruitment and salary increase available
Meals and meal assistance available
There is a late-night allowance
◆Uniform rental (shirt, sarong)
◆ Hairstyle and hair color freedom
◆Pierce OK
Qualification requirementsOver 20 years old
*For smoking facilities and alcohol tasting.
Application methodPlease apply from the application form or send your resume to the head office.

Send your resume to:
3F LD&K Building, 18-4 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
LD&K Co., Ltd. "Cafe BOHEMIA Recruitment" Section

*Be sure to specify the desired store and job type.
*Please include your e-mail address in your resume.
* Only those who pass the document screening will be contacted.
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