Cafe&bar Tengoku

Opened in 2020 in the Daimyo area of Fukuoka.
We are looking for new staff at "Cafe & Bar Heaven" attached to the live house!
The bright red interior that stands out even in Daimyo is a fashionable spot with neon lights, merry-go-round objects, and disco balls spinning.

If you get used to it, please do bar work. A must-see for those who want to learn how to make cocktails! The bartender manager will carefully lecture ◎
Of course, inexperienced people are also very welcome!

We are waiting for your application ♬


◆"Cafe Bohemia" is like this...

"If you take a step, there is a resort in a distant foreign country"
At Cafe Bohemia, where you can feel the exotic atmosphere,
Today, it is crowded with many people, mainly adults.

A belly dance show is held in the store every Tuesday and Thursday.
Shisha is served on the terrace.

Once you enter, you will want to come back again... Such a charming cafe restaurant.
I love entertainment, shisha, and music, as well as working at restaurants! It's a perfect environment for those who say.


Shimokitazawa propaganda

Musician/Creator etc.
For locals in Shimokitazawa
A popular spot to relax ◎

Antique and multinational --+. There is an atmosphere like an overseas street corner
Bistro Cafe & Bar!

Shisha is also served on the terrace.

◆ Free shift between 10:00 and 0:00 the next day
◆ Comes with a happy meal
◆For those who can shift stably
Salary increases starting from the second month of working at the earliest ◎


Udagawa Cafe


Udagawa Cafe is said to be the originator of the "night cafe" that once sparked a movement.

It opened in 2000 and has continued to be loved for over 20 years even after moving from Center Gai.

Most of the menu items we offer are homemade.

This is perfect for those who want to get involved in cafe operations, from making sauces to desserts, making lattes and cocktails, and it will also help you improve your skills.