JASPĘR finally unveils his real face with the new song "STUCK IN MY HEAD" MV. KEYTALK Yagi, Kankaku Piero Takiguchi, Rhythmic Toy World Kishi, The Winking Owl Yoma and other friendship appearances & "Mezamashi 8" January ending also decided

Next-generation singer JASPĘR (reading: Jasper) from TikTok has released the MV of the latest work "STUCK IN MY HEAD" that breaks the silence of half a year. This work was also decided as the ending song for Fuji TV's "Mezamashi 8" in January 2023, and today was the first broadcast.

JASPĘR『STUCK IN MY HEAD』Official Music Video

This work is the first full-length English lyrics by JASPĘR, who has lived abroad for a long time and has been active in music there. Based on his roots of pop punk, he wants to convey the charm of overseas music that he has absorbed since childhood to Japanese teens who interact on TikTok every day. It was cut out, and finished with an arrangement that is intense but familiar to the ear.

The jacket was created by Yumi Oshiromune, a painter who is also a label mate and has also professed that her roots are in overseas punk music.

In addition, musicians who are close friends in private, Rhythmic Toy World Kishi, The Winking Owl Yoma, Kankaku Piero Takiguchi, and KEYTALK Yagi will appear as guests in the MV. The live scene by the band members that can only be seen here is also a highlight.

In addition, JASPĘR, who has been active for a year wearing a mask, wanted to receive the message from the work without being caught by the visuals, but this time he lifted the ban on all live-action visuals to get close to the fans at a closer distance.

"Performer's comment"

◆Rhythmic Toy World Gt. Akihei Kishi

It felt like I was in a band with my friends for the first time. I'm really grateful to be involved in such a cool song that Jas-kun's talent exploded.

◆The Winking Owl (on hiatus) Gt.Yoma

This time, I was given the chance to appear in the music video for "STUCK IN MY HEAD", and the moment I heard the song for the first time, I was shocked, thinking, "This is really cool."

A new generation sound with new elements in the style of Western pop punk.

And JASPĘR-kun's voice is far from Japanese, so I'm looking forward to his worldwide success.

◆Sensory clown Ba. Taiki Takiguchi

This time, I was able to appear in the music video for "STUCK IN MY HEAD" by a strange fate. If you watch the MV, you'll understand that the shooting itself was a lot of fun, with familiar faces and a friendly atmosphere. However, if you look back, the drummer is slender, there is another guitarist on your right, and the vocalist is tall... It's mysterious. Feel free to call me anytime~

◆ KEYTALK Dr. Yuki Yagi

I am very honored to be involved in the work of my friend JASPĘR!

I enjoyed taking pictures, so please take a look!

In addition, the costumes worn by the members in the MV are completely provided by the brand "SHEIN", which is extremely popular among teens, and styled by JASPĘR himself through high school girl marketing.

《Production Cooperation》

SHEIN https://jp.shein.com/

BLEA Academy https://blea.jp/

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【release information】

JASPĘR New Digital Single


2023/1/7 (Sat) Release

*Distributed on major music digital distribution sites and subscription services


Fuji TV series "Mezamashi 8" January 2023 ending song

Broadcast every Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 9:50


A next-generation singer who started posting on TikTok in August 2021 and has now exceeded 160,000 followers and 21 million total video views.

The familiar song "Hello" from "Purple ni Somaru" has continued to be selected for various playlists such as the 2022 TikTok trend and Spotify viral charts, and the number of fans is expanding mainly among teens!