I will surely remember it when spring comes. Seven spring poems. On sale April 5th (Wednesday), solar eclipse Natsuko 6th mini album "Hanayodo" jacket unveiled & M3 "Yuyami painting" digital pre-delivery decided!

Piano singing artist Natsuko Nisshoku has unveiled the jacket visual for her 6th mini album "Hanayodo" to be released on April 5, 2023 (Wednesday), and announced the digital pre-delivery of M3 "Yuyami Painting".

``I have lived thinking that spring is not the season of encounters, but of parting,'' said Natsuko, who commented, ``Spring'' is not always bright and gorgeous. But that's fine, this work depicts seven springs that are unique to me.

The jacket visual, which delicately captures the theme and has a faint, ephemeral, lonely finish, was created by illustrator Nakatsuka.

M3 "Yuyami Painting", which has been decided to be digitally distributed in advance, has a melancholic sound that matches the scenery of dusk. A band arrangement full of passion is hidden in a delicate sound that seems to permeate the melancholy season of farewell, making it a song that will pierce your heart.

On the first day of the one-man tour "Shushu Daikokaku" held today in Osaka, ahead of the digital pre-delivery, a surprise first performance of "Yuyami Painting" with a piano accompaniment version. The new song was quickly delivered to the fans who came to the live.

M3 "Yuyami Painting" will be available on each music distribution service from 00:00 on March 8 (Wednesday). Please check it out.

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▼ Product information

Artist: Nisshoku Natsuko
Title: Hanayodo
Release date: Wednesday, April 5, 2023
Price: 2200 yen (excluding tax) / 2420 yen (tax included)
Product number: 390-LDKCD
POS: 4580529531255
Label: Living, Dining & Kitchen Records
Format: CD mini album

<Recorded songs>
1. Yae
2. Dam bottom spring feat. Sobs
3. Dusk Painting
6. Lion head
7. Mirage Girl

▼Tour information
Performance: Solar eclipse Natsuko "Collection Grand Pilgrimage"

March 3 (Fri) [Osaka] Namba Hatch
March 10 (Fri) [Sendai] Rensa
March 12 (Sun) [Fukuoka] Scala Espacio
March 17 (Fri) [Nagoya] Diamond Hall
March 24 (Fri) [Sapporo] Penny Lane 24
March 31 (Fri) [Tokyo] Hulic Hall

April 1 (Sat) [Tokyo] Hulic Hall (additional performance)
Special site:https://nisshoku-natsuko.com/syusyudaiangya/
Sponsor: The Orchard Japan

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Born May 8, 1991 in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Started playing the piano at the age of 9 and writing songs at the age of 12. From the age of 17, she started full-scale music activities based in Morioka as "Nisshoku Natsuko". The meticulously crafted lyric world and composition techniques that sway the heartstrings have attracted attention, and have appeared in many large festivals. Released in 2021, "Anti-Freeze" was selected as a prize-winning work at the 14th CD Shop Awards 2022, and in recent years he has also written many new movie theme songs and commercial music. Nisshoku Natsuko's dense music that she creates one after another knows no bounds in creativity, and her musical ability and performance, including her unique composition style that expresses guitar, bass, and sometimes even percussion parts such as drums with a single piano, are outstanding. It goes beyond the imagination and framework of a piano-playing artist. Strength, weakness, sharpness, ephemeralness, the piano music that runs at full speed pierces the listener's heart and provides a unique musical experience.