bokula., Google Pixel | au WEB CM song decided!

A life-size rock band from Hiroshima, bokula.

Google Pixel | au WEB CM song bokula. "FUSION" will be used.

This time, Google Pixel | au WEB CM is a tie-up CM with ABEMA's popular original love program "Koisuru ♡ Weekend Homestay" series.


Google Pixel 7 & 7 Pro: "Your love will spread more." Koisuru ♡ Weekend Homestay Edition

Your love will spread more.

Google Pixel

it was really nice to meet you

Photo with you taken with Google Pixel

Memories and photos shine

I can feel from the bottom of my heart that there wasn't a single meaningless thing

A tie-up commercial with ABEMA's popular original romance program "Koisuru♡ Weekend Homestay" series.

Please take a look at the performers who show their genuine smiles.

Starring: Shin Yamazaki, Junrei Maruyama, Yuuki Harada

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[bokula.FUSION MV]

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