Provided music to Kokubo Gokumon Club and Kanjani Eight!

Kanjani Eight's latest single "Unfinished" will be released on May 10th.

It turned out that the song "Haraippai" provided by the artist for the first time by the Uchikubi Gokumon Club will also be included.

The 48th single "Unfinished" will be released on TV Asahi's Oshidora Saturday, starring Yutaka Yokoyama.

Theme song of "I'm back! Kotaro lives alone".

The long-awaited sequel to "Kotaro lives alone" broadcasted in the April 2021 period, "I'm back! Kotaro lives alone".

The original is a popular comic by Mami Tsumura, which has already published 9 volumes and has sold over 1.7 million copies.

Kano, a self-indulgent and unsuccessful manga artist played by Yokoyama, Kotaro, who has become an elementary school student and lives alone, and the residents of the apartment where they live.

The coupling of the "First Press Limited 'Spring' Edition" includes a new song 'Hara Ippai' written by the Uchikubi Gokumon Club, which has exchanged through programs and FES. This song, which is the first song provided by an artist for Utakubi Gokumon Club, has an interesting development that looks like an overturned toy box.

~Comment from Atsushi Osawa~

It can be said that it is a miracle that Kanjani Eight's band form, this "five members who all have musical instruments and can all sing the main song" has been established.

I feel that it is such a formation. I've been in a band for many years myself, but I can't think of any other examples in the real world of bands.

That's why I'm really happy that I was able to provide the music. I was allowed to make a song with a structure that "it can't be done without these five people". Thank you very much for your work, which is exactly the Kanjani Eight exclusive song, and the joy of being a musician.

And when I actually recorded it, I felt that the five colors interacted more richly than I imagined, and it was a very fun and wonderful result.

I hope everyone will listen to it soon, so please look forward to it!

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Artist/Title: Kanjani Eight / "Unfinished" (Reading: Mikansei)

Release date: Wednesday, May 10, 2023

<Product form>

●First edition limited “Spring” edition: CD+DVD/Blu-ray tax included ¥2,000 / ACA-6058~6059(Blu-ray) / JACA-6060~6061(DVD)

● First-run limited “Kyanjani∞” edition: CD+DVD/Blu-ray Tax-included price ¥2,000 / ACA-6062~6062(Blu-ray) / JACA-6064~606(DVD)

●Regular edition: CD tax included ¥1,320 / JACA-6066


▼ First Press Limited “Spring” Edition

M1. Unfinished M2. Naiwaa ~ Fallin Love M3.

Talk session "Kanjani Eight's 'Akinai Radio'" recording (reading: Akinai Radio)

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