ARABIAN FESTIVAL 2023 will be held! July 1-2 Yoyogi Park Event Square

ARABIAN FESTIVAL 2023 Held decision!
7Month1Day-2Day Yoyogi Park Event Square
As a “Short trip cafe & restaurant in Shibuya”, 10 this yearcelebrate the anniversaryCafe BOHEMIAOutdoor free festival produced by 2Following 2022, the second event was announced.
Last year, while it was held for the first time, it gathered topics such as mobilizing about 40,000 people in two days.I got it.
On the main stage, live DJs centered on belly danceTherefore, in the market area, restaurants,A general store opens.
Arsga, which hosts many free festivals throughout the yearCo-sponsored by DEN "Summer", such as kids area and apparel sales,There are plenty of contents that color Yoyogi Park in summer.


10 years ago, our company opened a Middle Eastern cuisine and belly dance restaurant "Cafe Bohemia”, which was the goal of creating “Arabian Fest".
It was held for the first time in 2022 last year,Despite the lingering effects of the corona crisis, many people came to visit us.It was a great success.
Continuing this year, the "Arabian Festival" was proposed by the G8.I would like to introduce various cultures by defining the scope of the expanded Middle East.thinking about.
We also plan to hold a belly dance competition “EXOTIC JAPAN 2023” and a shisha contest.
This year again, with the cooperation of Earth Garden, everyone's participation,Thank you very much for your support.
LD&K Representative Hidemasa Otani


Recruitment of stalls, belly dance competition
4Month1Acceptance starts from today!
Recruitment for food and drink and market stalls will start on April 1st.
A belly dance competition aimed at discovering new talent "Exotic Japan 2023" andApplications for Belly Dance Hafla will be accepted from April 1st.
See the official website for details.

Expanded Middle East*

The Traditional Middle East (dark green) and the Expanded Middle East proposed by the G8 (light green)

Image source:Wikipedia

Arabian Festival 2023
Official website:
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earth garden “Summer” 2023 × ARABIAN FESTIVAL 2023
July 1st (Sat) and 2nd (Sun), 2023
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Yoyogi Park Event Square
Planning and production
Earth Garden / LD&K Co., Ltd. / Arabian Festival Executive Committee