Tokyo Psycho-Pass' new song "Charlotte" will be released on May 3rd!

It has been decided that the 8th distribution single "Charlotte" from Shibuya's most evil punk idol Tokyo Psycho-Pass will be distributed on each subscription service on May 3rd. This song was written for Tokyo Psychopath by Nao, the vocalist and Dr of Bobble Dolls.

It is a song that expresses the girls who are not bound by their appearance or appearance, and who turn everything they have into strength, no matter what they say.

The female name title ``Charlotte'', which means ``free'', ``fighter'', and ``pretty'', is said to have been named by the image nao received from them.

It is a song that is close to the listener so that it will be a guidepost for the lost lambs.

It will also be used as the April and May ending theme for Fuji TV's "Zenriki! Takuryoku Times", so be sure to check it out during the period.

Full power! Weakness Times – Fuji TV

Also, the music video linked to the jacket is scheduled to be released in mid-May. Pay attention to the members who became sisters!

tokyo psychopath

The most crazy punk idol produced by 4 people who were selected in an audition held under the guise of creating the "most crazy punk idol" and "reiwa punk icon".

The members are Chaos Zoldyck, Hakua Gozen, Jorōgumo, and Woni@Gunso. In September of this year, it is decided to perform at the festival held in Arizona Phoenix.