Shibuya's hot spot "Dogenzaka Church -The Church-" Lounge "M" opened on the 2nd floor

Since opening in 2022, Shibuya "Dogenzaka Church -The Church-" has become a hot spot mainly on SNS.
A relaxing VIP space "Tenrai 'M'" that can be accessed from the spiral staircase inside the store will open.
There is also a stage that can be used as a show lounge. A DJ booth is also available.
As an adult playground, I want you to visit.
A preview will be held on July 25-26.

A grand opening event will be held on July 28th.

Recruiting staff and performers!


Dogenzaka Church Ceiling "M"


Central Kyoritsu Building 2F, 2-16-5 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Entrance charge: ¥1000 (Drink fee not included)

*Thursday-Saturday showtime events are different.

Number of seats: 35 seats


[Pre-open preview]

Tuesday, July 25, 20:00-2:00

Wednesday, July 26, 20:00-2:00

* Free entrance for pre-opening

[Grand opening event]

Friday, July 28th 20:00 OPEN

Show time 21:00 / 24:00

Entrance Fee ¥4000 (excludes D)



・Rachel D'Amour

・Fire Yoko



・ DJ everyone kills (LD&K)

・Atsushi Sakei (producer and spokesman)

[Event venue usage fee]

[Lunch] Until 20:00

Weekday 44,000 yen

Gold 55,000 yen

Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 77,000 yen

[Night] After 20:00

Weekday 44,000 yen

77,000 yen before Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays

Sundays and holidays 55,000 yen

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