Natsuko Solar Eclipse✖️Yarens “Logma Rope” and “Pioneer” debuted on terrestrial TV and received a huge response with surprise live performance! !

Natsuko Solar Eclipse, who celebrated her 15th anniversary since her debut this year, will appear on the TBS morning information program “Ravit!” on January 31st (Wednesday).
“Logma Rope” was used as a promotional video song for M-1 and received a great response.
They then performed a live performance of two songs from Kazuya Arashi Ninomiya's ``Settler'', which became a hot topic in his X post, and received a huge response, including becoming trending.

This appearance was made possible after Yarens, a guest on the program, requested to meet Natsuko Solar Eclipse.
Immediately after the performance was aired, "Logma Rope" became a trend on X, creating a huge response on SNS!
After the performance, Jarens Idei commented, ``It's exciting to hear it live.''
Narahara responded to the comment, ``I played Heart of Steel and won second place, so next time I'll play Heart of Diamond.''
Eclipse Natsuko also said, ``I'll write it down.''

Also, on SNS...
"It's just amazing...The lyrics are so gentle and warm, but the song is so powerful and cool...Let's listen to it all at once, I absolutely love it..."
"This is the first time I've heard of Natsuko Solar Eclipse. She's so cool!"
“I heard Natsuko Solar Eclipse for the first time and she was so cool!!!”
"You can't choose how you die. Then you choose how you live. It hit me hard."
"This is the first time I've heard Natsuko Nikko's song. It's a really good song, and she has a great voice. Please listen to a lot of her other songs as well."
``What a cool person, Natsuko Hibiki. Lately, my heart has been shaking a lot, and I feel really bad for her.''
Many other comments have been received.


"Logma Rope"
The final of the Manzai top battle "M-1 Grand Prix 2023" was broadcast at the end of last year. Promotional video song The M-1 warriors fight for 4 minutes, sharpening the laughter they believe in even though they struggle and suffer, in order to make the whole of Japan laugh at someone in front of them. This year, 8,540 comedians, the largest number ever, entered the contest, and the songs were selected as songs that could reflect their personalities and give them a little boost.
[“Logma Rope” MV]

[M-1 promotional video]

Arashi's Kazunari Ninomiya has long been a fan of Natsuko Solar Eclipse, but the following X post from last fall also became a hot topic.
– – – – – –
There are songs that miraculously express the way I live and what is important in my life.
Every time I listen to that song, I make time to look forward.
I'm still listening to it as I write this.
I want to be the person that this song suits me forever.
Pioneer of Natsuko Solar Eclipse.
This is the theme song of my life.

[Tour information]
Natsuko Solar Eclipse 15th Anniversary -Space Friendship-
Unreleased song tour “Area: Future”

5/31 (Fri): Osaka BIGCAT…Sold Out!!!
6/1 (Sat): Aichi Bottom Line…Sold Out!!!
6/7 (Fri): Hokkaido club garden…Sold Out!!!
6/14 (Fri): Fukuoka DRUM LOGOS
6/15 (Sat): Hiroshima Reed
6/21 (Fri): Tokyo EX THEATER ROPPONGI…Sold Out!!!
6/23 (Sun): Niigata LOTS
6/29 (Sat) Miyagi Rensa…Sold Out!!!
Ticket price: ¥6,500 (tax included)

[Exhibition information]
Natsuko Solar Eclipse 15th Anniversary -Space Friendship-
Exhibition “Area Past” ~ What made the solar eclipse Natsuko ~
Date: March 9th (Sat) - 17th (Sun)
Venue: Yotsuya 3-chome Lampzaka Gallery
Admission fee: General 1,500 yen / Junior and senior high school students 1,000 yen (free for elementary school students and younger)
Tickets: Sold at the venue reception only on the day

<Natsuko Solar Eclipse Profile>
Born May 8, 1991 in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Started playing the piano at the age of 9 and writing songs at the age of 12. From the age of 17, she started full-scale music activities based in Morioka as "Nisshoku Natsuko". The meticulously crafted lyric world and composition techniques that sway the heartstrings have attracted attention, and have appeared in many large festivals. Released in 2021, "Anti-Freeze" was selected as a prize-winning work at the 14th CD Shop Awards 2022, and in recent years he has also written many new movie theme songs and commercial music. Nisshoku Natsuko's dense music that she creates one after another knows no bounds in creativity, and her musical ability and performance, including her unique composition style that expresses guitar, bass, and sometimes even percussion parts such as drums with a single piano, are outstanding. It goes beyond the imagination and framework of a piano-playing artist. Strength, weakness, sharpness, ephemeralness, the piano music that runs at full speed pierces the listener's heart and provides a unique musical experience.

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