Natsuko Solar Eclipse's newly written drama theme song will be released digitally!

Piano-playing artist Natsuko Nikko has announced that her new song ``appetite'' will be released digitally on March 8th (Friday).

The song is a new song written as the theme song for the Chukyo TV (Aichi/Gifu/Mie) drama series ``Konokodokoro Betai Meshi'' (starring Ayara Shida and Masato Ibu), and the lyrics are close to the script of the drama, giving you energy for tomorrow. A song with a light piano melody that leaves a lasting impression. BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND participated in the sound, and a number of naturally exciting sounds overlapped, creating a finish that perfectly fits the world view of the drama.

The jacket features a photo of the gratin from the Italian restaurant "Taverna La Sera" in Matsuyama City, Ehime Prefecture, which is the setting for the first episode of the drama, making the visual perfect for the song title "appetite" = "appetite". . (Cover photo provided by Chukyo Television)

The songs will be distributed sequentially on each digital distribution site from midnight on Friday, March 8th. Please check it out.

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─ Eclipse Natsuko comment ─
The newly written ending song ``appetite'' for the drama ``Konokodokoro Betairai Meshi'' has finally been released. Thank you for waiting!
With the help of the BLACK BOTTOM BRASS BAND hyungs, I made it so that just listening to it will make you hungry and make you want to eat lots of delicious food.
The jacket uses the photo of "that gratin" that appears in the first episode of the drama.
The characters from the drama and the delicious-looking food will surely encourage you when you want to cheer up or just need a little encouragement. Please keep this song in your pocket as a reminder of this.

▼Drama overview
Hidden in the shadow of the ``local specialties'' that shine brightly all over the country, ``dishes that at first glance seem like they can be eaten anywhere.'' ``Is it the same no matter where you eat it? No, you can only eat it here!'' The deliciousness that exceeds expectations is exactly what ``Betrayal Meal'' is. This drama was shot entirely at restaurants that exist all over Japan. A heartwarming gourmet comedy that features ``Betrayal Meal'' in every episode that you'll definitely want to eat after watching the drama.

Soichiro Sakakibara (Masato Ibu), the powerful president of the Sakakibara Hotel Group, which operates hotels all over the country, is worried. ``Recently, no matter what I eat, I'm not impressed. Maybe it's because I've eaten all the gourmet food from all over Japan...'' In front of Sakakibara, a mysterious woman, Mariko Onodera (Ayara Shida), acts as his predecessor's secretary on maternity leave. coming. Everyone in the company is afraid of Sakakibara, but by chance Mariko is appointed as Sakakibara's business attendant. ``Listen...attending the president's meals is the job that puts the most pressure on me as a secretary.'' However, on a business trip to Sakakibara, where it is no exaggeration to say that she has eaten all the gourmet food from all over the country, Mariko prepares...a surprising... It was a "betrayal meal".

▼Program information
Program name: Betrayal food at a place like this
Broadcast: Thursday, January 18, 2024 ~ Every Thursday from 25:04 to 25:34 *Scheduled to be broadcast 10 times in the three Tokai prefectures of Aichi, Gifu, and Mie
2024/1/23 (Tuesday) ~ Every Tuesday from 25:24 to 25:54 *Scheduled to be broadcast on Akita Broadcasting for 10 episodes in total
2024/1/27 (Sat) ~ Every Saturday from 16:30 to 17:00 *Scheduled to be broadcast on Miyagi TV 10 times in total
Saturday, January 27, 2024 ~ Every Saturday from 25:25 to 25:55 *Scheduled to be broadcast on Nankai Broadcasting for 10 episodes in total
2024/1/29 (Monday) ~ Every Monday from 24:59 to 25:29 *Scheduled to be broadcast 10 times on Nagasaki Kokusai TV
Distribution: Missed distribution on TVer, Hulu, Locipo, U-NEXT, Lemino
Cast: Ayara Shida, Masato Ibu, Masahiro Umeda, Junya Kawashima
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<Natsuko Solar Eclipse Profile>
Born May 8, 1991 in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Started playing the piano at the age of 9 and writing songs at the age of 12. From the age of 17, she started full-scale music activities based in Morioka as "Nisshoku Natsuko". The meticulously crafted lyric world and composition techniques that sway the heartstrings have attracted attention, and have appeared in many large festivals. Released in 2021, "Anti-Freeze" was selected as a prize-winning work at the 14th CD Shop Awards 2022, and in recent years he has also written many new movie theme songs and commercial music. Nisshoku Natsuko's dense music that she creates one after another knows no bounds in creativity, and her musical ability and performance, including her unique composition style that expresses guitar, bass, and sometimes even percussion parts such as drums with a single piano, are outstanding. It goes beyond the imagination and framework of a piano-playing artist. Strength, weakness, sharpness, ephemeralness, the piano music that runs at full speed pierces the listener's heart and provides a unique musical experience.

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