Kariyushi58 has provided a song to LINKL PLANET! "Even if you and I are the reincarnation of someone else" will be distributed!

Like a plastic model that connects parts, plastic models and their fans, plastic models and the world
The group "LINKL PLANET" is currently being formed with the aim of becoming an idol group that connects the planet.
The new song "Even if you and I are the reincarnation of someone" is scheduled for digital release on July 21st.

Just like LINKL PLANET's plastic models that connect parts together, we want to connect plastic models with fans, and plastic models with the world.
The song, which has the theme of "Manufacturing connects people and ensures the continuation of human activity," was produced by plastic model fan Kariyushi58's Araya Yukihiro.
It's a song that is characteristic of Kariyushi58, but also typical of Rinpura, and is full of a melodic message.

<Comment from Kariyushi 58's Yukihiro Araya>
Making things with human hands connects people together, and the magnitude of this has infinite possibilities.
With this in mind, I sang a song with LINKL PLANET, a group that values relationships between people through building plastic models.
I created this with the hope of connecting with many people.
I would be happy if listeners would sing along and think of the people they want to meet, the places they want to meet, the past, and the future.

[Work information]
Digital Single "Even if you and I are the reincarnation of someone else"
Released on July 21, 2024

LINKL PLANET official website:https://bandai-hobby.net/site/plamogirlsproject/

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LINKL PLANET Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/plamogirls
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