A brewery was established in Sakurazaka, Okinawa, and a craft beer “CBN beer” that can be expected to have a relaxing effect was produced and delivered.

Takeshi Haraguchi, who runs the guest house "Chanpuru" and the cafe "KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND" in Sakurazaka, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture,

Crowdfunding will be carried out to establish a brewery in Sakurazaka and to manufacture and sell beer containing the much-talked-about cannabis ingredient “CBN”.

"Chanpuru" and "KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND" are guesthouses and cafes operated by LD&K Co., Ltd. located in the Sakurazaka district, one of the leading entertainment districts in Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture.

Both restaurants and accommodations were hit hard by the corona disaster, but Haraguchi, who is also the manager of the two stores, decided to implement crowdfunding to face it.

The purpose is to establish a craft beer brewery “Sakurazaka Brewery”. We are trying to revitalize Okinawa by making beer that everyone loves at Sakurazaka.

This time, Sakurazaka Brewery will produce "CBN beer" that contains "CBN", a hemp ingredient that can be expected to have a relaxing effect.

Currently, only Sakurazaka Brewery can produce beer containing CBN, and in this crowdfunding, we are preparing a course that uses this CBN beer as a return item.

In addition, there is a set course of CBN beer and a beer tumbler, and a set course of drinking comparison with "Shibuya beer" manufactured by LD & K Co., Ltd.

Courses that include a meal ticket for "KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND", an all-you-can-drink course for a day at "Sakurazaka Brewery", and a course that includes an accommodation coupon for "Chanpuru" are also available.

You can drink beer that can be expected to have a relaxing effect and enjoy the feeling of Okinawa at home, or you can actually visit Okinawa and enjoy lodging and eating and drinking.

●What is the purpose of crowdfunding and how will the money be used?

Purpose: Establishment of “Sakurazaka Brewery” to produce Okinawan craft beer

Use of the support money: construction costs

●What is Sakurazaka?

An entertainment district in Makishi, Naha City, Okinawa Prefecture. Hundreds of bars, snack bars, cabarets and movie theaters existed during the post-World War II era of US rule, but declined after the 1970s.

In recent years, it has regained its liveliness, but since 2020, the number of people has been declining again due to the influence of the new coronavirus.

The guest house "Chanpuru" and the cafe "KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND" are also located in Sakurazaka.

●What is CBN beer?

CBN is extracted from the psychoactive THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in cannabis.

of cannabinoids. It is safe and secure because it has passed the national examination standards, and the effect of THC is weak, and of course it will not become addictive or high.

Compared to CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (tetrahydrocannabinol), CBN comes from hemp in a much smaller proportion, less than 1% of the total.

Therefore, it is known as a rare “rare cannabinoid”.

The CBN beer produced at “Sakurazaka Brewery” this time contains CBN powder that has passed analysis in an American laboratory and is thoroughly high quality, and Okinawa’s rare mandarin orange “Kabuchi”.

Kab Chee contains many terpenes (ingredients contained in plant essential oils) such as limonene, which can be expected to have a synergistic effect with CBN.

● Expected effects of CBN beer

・Relaxation effect


・Promote the growth of bone cells




・Pain reduction

Overview of each crowdfunding course

・1,000 yen course (tax included)…Thank you message

・3,000 yen course (tax included): "KARIYUSHI COFFEE AND BEER STAND" meal ticket + thank you message

・3,000 yen course (tax included) … CBN beer 3-bottle set

・6,000 yen course (tax included)…6 CBN beer set

・6,000 yen course (tax included)…3 bottles of CBN beer + original beer tongue set

・7,000 yen course (tax included): 3 bottles of CBD beer + 3 bottles of Shibuya beer comparison set

・13,000 yen course (tax included): “Sakurazaka Brewery” one-day all-you-can-drink ticket

・18,000 yen course (tax included): “Sakurazaka Brewery” all-you-can-drink for one day + “Chanpuru” accommodation voucher

* Both courses are scheduled to be shipped in early September

●Crowdfunding URL

(Implementation period: August 5 to September 4, 2022)

A flood of orders from all over the country! Mental Energy Beer with CBD will be restocked! !

Mental energy beer “CBDBeer #chill & relax”, which was the first in Japan to distribute CBD beer, was sold out even during the prohibition period. (days / days)” relaxation revolution!

“CBD Beer #chill&relax”, a mental energy beer that contains “CBD”, which is booming all over the world, by giving you deep relaxation so that you can live a positive and high-quality life even during the stressful corona wreck.
Released in mid-December last year from Udagawa Cafe, operated by LD&K Co., Ltd., a group of creators with more freedom than anywhere else, it was out of stock within five days of its release! More than 3,500 bottles are sold every month, and over the past 6 months, 250 stores nationwide have been handling it, and many people love it!

By combining high-quality CBD powder that has passed analysis in an American laboratory and lemon peel that contains many terpenes such as limonene, a synergistic effect with CBD can be expected, resulting in a fruity and rich flavor. It has become possible to produce “CBD Beer #chill&relax”, which is highly fragrant and easy to drink while feeling CBD. Release stress with high-quality “Shibuya-ori” mental energy beer and support your original positive and active life!

CBD, the raw material, was developed in cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer “One Inch Co., Ltd.” (https://oneinch.co.jp/), which provides products that are thoroughly safe and secure.
The brewery commissioned the original local beer factory “Sankt Gallen” (https://www.sanktgallenbrewery.com/), which has a reputation for fruit beer, and realized the same product, which can also be purchased on the Udagawa Cafe mail order site. Perfect for home time when you know you're staying home but can't go out actively.
As a reward for your daily efforts, how about holding a “CBDBeer” in one hand and setting a comfortable relaxing time while switching from ON to OFF to release stress and tension?

▼ Mail order site (* Shipping starts from July 3)
<Set of 3 CBD beers>
<Set of 6 Shibuya Beer x CBD Beer Energy Packs>

▼ About CBD
CBD is a natural compound extracted from hemp,
It is said to be useful for relaxation and health maintenance.
It is an ingredient that is also used in medicine in the United States.

▼ Product information
Product Name: CBD Beer Chill and Relax
Ingredients: Malt (USA), Hops, CBD, Lemon
Package: 330ml
Alcohol content: 7%
Factory: Sankt Gallen Co., Ltd.

▼ Contact information for commercial liquor wholesalers
Kawachiya Genos Co., Ltd. Phone: 0570-005-455
E-mail address for restaurants: fit_to-juchuu@mhkg.co.jp
Shipping starts from 7/3 in Tokyo and 3 prefectures *Delays may occur depending on location and weather.

▼Udagawa Cafe affiliated stores (from 7/3)

Udagawa Cafe Main Store
Udagawa Cafe suite
Udagawa Cafe Annex
Sakuragaoka Cafe
The Closet
Jazz bar Kohaku
bar segredo
Shimokitazawa propaganda
Kanda Pasta fresca
Bangkok Night (Roppongi)
Bangkok Night (Ginza)

*Sales schedule for Kansai, Kyushu, and Okinawa will be announced soon on the Udagawa Cafe Group website.
( https://www.udagawacafe.com/ )

[Video CM]

[Mail order site]

The world is watching! Mental energy beer "CBD Beer #chill&relax" will be released! "C (corona corona) B (break break) D (days days) !!

Mental energy beer "CBD Beer #chill & relax" containing legal cannabis CBD (official name: cannabidiol) will be sold!
"CBD", which is a big boom in the beauty and health industry, is called "C (corona corona) B (break break) D (days days)" to relieve stress caused by corona fatigue and lead a positive and high-quality life!

Five years have passed since the release of the energy beer “Shibuya Beer,” the world’s first from Shibuya, which was produced with the concept of “energizing Japan from Shibuya!”
In 2020, even in the stressful corona vortex, mental energy beer “CBD Beer #chill & relax” containing “CBD”, which is a big boom in the beauty and health industry, will be released on December 22nd so that you can enjoy a positive and high-quality life. Release decision! (*The Udagawa Cafe line will be pre-sold on December 17.)
The publisher “LD&K Co., Ltd.” (https://ldandk.com/) is a free creator group that does not stop positively even in the corona vortex, and is supported as a music label and “original night cafe” to which many artists belong. Café and restaurant business, including Udagawa Café, which we are proud of. We are developing a unique “music + food and drink”, and while live houses are tough these days, we are continuing to challenge ourselves by opening three stores in Yokohama, Fukuoka, and Shimokitazawa this year.
And this time, by combining high-quality CBD powder that has passed analysis in an American laboratory and lemon peel that contains many terpenes such as limonene, a synergistic effect with CBD can be expected, and it is fruity. We have decided to produce “CBD Beer #chill&relax”, which is rich and fragrant and easy to drink while feeling CBD.
The brewery is the original local beer factory "Sankt Gallen" (https://www.sanktgallenbrewery.com/), which has a reputation for fruit beer.
CBD was developed in cooperation with the Japanese manufacturer “One Inch Co., Ltd.” (https://oneinch.co.jp/), which provides products that are thoroughly safe and secure.

Release your stress with the high-quality “Shibuya” mental energy beer “CDBBeer” and support your original positive and active life.

About CBD -----------------------------------------
CBD is one of the ingredients of hemp, and it is said that it has a relaxing effect.

Release date: December 22nd (* Pre-sale at Udagawa Cafe affiliated stores from December 17th!)

Product Name: CBD Beer Chill and Relax
Ingredients: Malt (USA), Hops, CBD, Lemon
Package: 330ml
Alcohol content: 7%
Factory: Sankt Gallen Co., Ltd.

[Video CM URL]
[Mail order site]

LD&K Co., Ltd., which manages Udagawa Cafe, which will celebrate its 20th anniversary in Shibuya in 2021, has announced a collaboration project with a long-established store in Shibuya!

As the first step, we will sell Shibuya Represent T-shirts (M/L size) for ¥ 3,500 (tax included).
Available at the LD&K (https://ldandkshop.com/) shop from Tuesday, December 1st!
The logo of each store and the logo of LD&K's apparel brand "Shibuya is my town" will be collaborated.

<Okushibu Uoriki x Shibuya is my town>

<Reigo×Shibuya is my town>

LD&K Co., Ltd., which is diversified in music production, record label management, live houses, restaurants, K-POP dance studios, and agency management, will hold an event in Shibuya with the theme of "Energize Japan from Shibuya!" In order to liven up the city of Shibuya together with the representative store that has been running for over 20 years, we have announced collaboration goods this time.
In the future, we plan to collaborate with representative stores every month! Please look forward to it.

Introduction of collaboration stores

"Okushibu Uoriki"
Uoriki, a long-established fish shop that has been in business for four generations since the Meiji era in Kamiyamacho, Shibuya

Uoriki is completely non-smoking all day, and children and pets are allowed (consultation required).
It is open day and night, and is famous for its delicious set meals such as grilled fish, mackerel miso, seafood bowls, and daily fish set meals.
The mackerel, which has been boiled for 12 hours after being pre-boiled, is soft to the bone, has a thick flesh, and has an exquisite amount of fat, making it the most popular mackerel.
It is a famous restaurant that is known to those in the know and was featured in "Kodoku no Gourmet".

<奥渋魚力 コメント>
Okushibu Gyoriki is a fresh fish store that has been around since the late Meiji period.
After the war, I opened a shop in Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya, and have been a fresh fish dealer in Shibuya for over 70 years.
The fourth generation goes to Toyosu Market every day to purchase
It's been 30 years since I started the cafeteria, and I've been doing it with the desire to provide delicious set meals every day.
The mackerel simmered in miso, the signature dish, is stewed until the bones are edible without using a pressure cooker.
We also order mackerel boiled in miso that you can even eat the bones.
We are also producing and selling T-shirts for Oku Shibu Uoriki.

Click here to order Uoriki (Collaboration goods are also available)
Uoriki instagram

(Address) 40-4 Kamiyama-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(Business hours) [Monday-Saturday] 11:00-14:30/17:30-20:00
Seats cannot be reserved during lunch hours.
Evening reservations are accepted for 3 or more people.
(regular holiday) Sundays and holidays

Shibuya Dogenzaka One of the famous long-established Taiwanese restaurants "Reigo"

Reiko is a popular restaurant famous for serving authentic Taiwanese cuisine prepared by Taiwanese chefs.
This long-established store has been in business for over 60 years and has many regular customers.
An old brick-built Taiwanese restaurant located at the corner of Dogenzaka, Shibuya. They are famous for their sausage, and many of them are hung on the counter next to the kitchen on the 1st floor. Each dish has a large volume. There are many seats, so it is a place where you can always enter, and there are few shops around Shibuya that have the atmosphere of "The China", so it is a valuable shop.

<Reigo comment>
In order to liven up Shibuya this time, we started producing and selling goods.
In Reigo, you can also eat "Bawang", which became a hot topic as a fascinating Taiwanese gourmet that appeared in "Spirited Away".
In addition to meatballs, we also have various Taiwanese dishes such as "smoke intestines".
When you come to Shibuya Dogenzaka, please enjoy Taiwanese cuisine at Reiko!

Reigo Homepage

(Address) 2-25-18 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
(Business hours) [Mon-Fri] 12:00-14:00/17:00-24:00 (LO 23:00)
[Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays] 12:00-24:00 (LO 23:00)
(Regular holiday) No holidays (Obon holidays, year-end and New Year holidays)
"LD&K Co., Ltd. CEO Hidemasa Otani"
President/Owner, LD & Kay

Born in Aichi Prefecture in 1968. Established the design office Big Boss at the age of 22. The company changed its name to LD&K in 1995. Starting with the opening of "Udagawa Cafe" in 2001, he has operated cafes, bars, live houses, accommodation facilities, etc. in Tokyo, Osaka, Kobe, Oita, Okinawa, etc. Music production includes Gagaga SP, Kariyushi 58, Uchikubi Gokumon Club, Nisshoku Natsuko, Yuki Yuki, Dramatic Alaska, and Nakanomori Fumiko.
In addition to the label business and production business, we are actively developing new businesses such as the restaurant business and, in recent years, crowdfunding.

<Representative Director Hidemasa Otani comment>

We will release our favorite long-established restaurant T-shirts that represent Shibuya as "Let's support the long-established restaurants in Shibuya during the corona wreck! Represent Shibuya T-shirt project".
This is also part of a project to commemorate the 20th anniversary of Shibuya's original night cafe "Udagawa Cafe".
Of course, profits will be returned to each long-established store. Anyway, I will continue to liven up Shibuya!
Nice to meet you ♡

Enjoy the night in Shibuya. Night clothing brand "Shibuya Is My Town" will be launched on Friday, October 20th.

"Udagawa Cafe" which rooted the "night cafe" culture in Shibuya, craft beer "Shibuya Beer" as a local product of Shibuya,
LD&K, which plans and disseminates live circuit events such as "TOKYO CALLING" in the city center, will launch a new apparel brand.

Its name is "Shibuya Is My Town". The first product will be on sale on the EC site from 10/20 (Friday).

[Shibuya Is My Town]
EC site URL→https://shibuyaismytown.com (10/20 Friday 15:00 open)
Facebook page →https://m.facebook.com/shibuyaismytown/

●Brand policy "For brands that survive without becoming popular".

In order to set ourselves apart from existing apparel that is mass-produced and consumed in the same manner, we use the "online SPA" method to produce low-cost products even in small lots.
Not only do we not sell at “real stores” that rebound as costs, but we will also offer products by selling out each title with a policy of not conducting sales.

In addition, we will release a small number of limited products at the lowest cost by selling out without returns.

On the release date of each item, we will send information to everyone using SNS and crowdfunding.

For those who wish to check the size and material of the product, it is possible to try on samples at Shibuya "Udagawa Cafe".

●Shibuya Is My Town 1st product lineup

■ Polo shirt three-quarter sleeve LDK-001 12000 yen
Size development / S, M, L
Length 60 Width 48 Shoulder width 41 Sleeve length 42
Length 61 Width 49 Shoulder width 42 Sleeve length 42
Length 62 Width 50 Shoulder width 43 Sleeve length 43
body color/black
Material: 53% cotton, 47% polyester

Open collar shirt LDK-003 (embroidery only 14,000 yen / embroidery & illustration 16,000 yen)
Size development / S, M, L
Length 67 Width 50 Shoulder width 40 Sleeve length 20
Length 67 Width 52 Shoulder width 41 Sleeve length 21
Length 67 Width 54 Shoulder width 43 Sleeve length 22

body color/black
Material/rayon 100%

●Shibuya Is My Town 1st product order event held

To commemorate the opening of the site on October 20th, we will be holding a fitting and ordering event for the first product on the 2nd floor of the long-established night cafe "Udagawa Cafe" in Shibuya.
On the same day, the 15th anniversary exhibition of the design company "Cockney Graphics" hosted by Shibuya Is My Town designer "Naoto Mizuno" will be held.

Try picking up the products while enjoying a drink or coffee.

Date: 10/20 (Fri) 19:00-23:00
Venue: Udagawa Cafe 2F
Address: 18-4 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku
Entrance fee: 1000 yen (with 1 drink)

Guest DJ: Satoshi Yamane (toe)

*Since this is the first exhibition of the product and the sales method does not have a store, it will be a valuable opportunity to come and check the size and material.
* As soon as each product runs out of stock, sales will end and there are no plans to resell.
*From 23:00 on the same day, an after party will be held at the bar "The Closet", which is a 3-minute walk from Udagawa Cafe.

Cafe & dining "Pasta Fresca" that sticks to sticky fresh pasta will open in Kanda on 8/15 (Tuesday).

LD&K Co., Ltd., which develops the restaurant business and music business centered on “Udagawa Cafe”, which sparked the Shibuya cafe boom,
As an annexed cafe and dining of the hotel "Unizo Inn Kanda Eki Nishi", which will open at the west exit of Kanda Station,
We will open a specialty store "Pasta Fresca" that is particular about fresh pasta on 8/15 (Tuesday).

By offering a morning buffet in the morning to increase the convenience of hotel guests and open throughout the day from morning to lunch to dinner,
We aim to be a lively communication spot for travelers and the Kanda area.

The morning buffet offers bread menus such as croissants and Danish pastries that can be enjoyed freshly baked in a dedicated toaster, as well as a salad bar, cereal, yogurt, fresh fruit juice, and Udagawa Cafe's proud hand-drip coffee.
In addition, we always offer more than 30 kinds of menus in a buffet style, including Japanese dishes that are great for breakfast, such as grilled fish and miso soup with rice. (Morning buffet 1000 yen excluding tax)

After lunchtime, we offer fresh pasta carefully selected by the owner for each sauce.

[Lunch menu <1000 yen with salad and soup bar, excluding tax>]
・Creamy Carbonara
Linguine, an oval-shaped noodle that originates from the word “little tongue,” goes well with the rich, creamy carbonara sauce with plenty of Parmesan cheese.

・Tomato sauce with shrimp and basil
Using long round pasta, fresh tomato sauce is combined with plump shrimp and anchovies to create a unique dish with the aroma of basil.

・Japanese-style sauce with tuna and mushrooms
A light yet rich and delicious soy sauce-based Japanese-style sauce with the scent of domestic maitake mushrooms and king oyster mushrooms.

・Boiled whitebait peperoncino
The aroma of garlic and the spiciness of fresh chili peppers are a perfect match for the boiled whitebait, which is enriched with the umami of amino acids.

・Mushroom Cream Pasta
Among gourmet connoisseurs, we use a lot of mountain mushrooms, which are said to be more delicious than matsutake mushrooms.

・2 types of weekly pasta
We are planning to offer menus using seasonal ingredients for each season.

At dinner time, we offer creative Italian dishes that go well with wine, such as pasta, fresh fish carpaccio, pizza, uncured ham and salami platter, and terrine.
Please use it on your way home from work, on a date, or at a girls' night out.

We also offer a course menu that can be used for private parties and welcome and farewell parties.

[Store overview]

Store name: Pasta Fresca
Address: Unizo Inn Kanda Station West 1F, 2-8-4 Uchikanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
TEL&FAX: 03-6206-8040

·business hours
Morning 7:00-11:00
Lunch 11:00-15:00
Tea 15:00-18:00
Dinner 18:00-23:30
*Sundays and public holidays are open only for breakfast.

[I don't get fat even if i eat! ? ] From September 26th (Monday), Udagawa Cafe "suite" will offer the popular slow-calorie sweet "Seasonal Tart" for a limited time.

At Udagawa Cafe "suite", from September 26th (Monday) to November 25th (Friday), "Sweets as a reward for yourself!" In support of the “Slow-On Sweets Festival” project, we will provide sweets “Seasonal Tarts” using “Palatinose®”, a sugar that is easy to digest and absorb.

▼ Offering menu “Seasonal tart” 550 yen

・ Honey lemon tart (left photo) Offer period: until September 30 (Friday)
The combination of honey fresh cream and sour lemon curd is very good. We use pesticide-free lemons.


・Mont Blanc tart (right photo) Available period: Saturday, October 1st
A Mont Blanc tart with an irresistible aroma of whole wheat flour. The bright red framboise sauce accents the chestnut cream.


At the Udagawa Cafe "suite", you can enjoy the deliciousness of sugar again and enjoy the ideal sweets that you can enjoy the seasonal feeling during the period. How about trying “healthy and delicious sweets for your body” with sugar slow-on sweets?

[Store overview]

▼ Store name: Udagawa Cafe "suite"
▼ Address: 36-12 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
▼ TEL: 03-3464-4020
▼ Business hours: 12:00-24:00 (Fridays, Saturdays, the day before holidays-29:00)
▼ HP:http://www.udagawacafe.com/suite/


■ What is palatinose?
Palatinose is a sugar contained in a trace amount in honey, and is industrially made from sugar as a raw material. Palatinose® has the same energy of 4 kcal/g as sugar, but its decomposition rate in the small intestine is about five times slower than sugar, and it is slowly digested and absorbed. show nature. Although it is about half as sweet as sugar, it has a good taste and is a safe sugar that does not cause cavities, and is widely used in general foods and beverages.

■What is the Slow-on Sweets Festival?
“Reward yourself with sweets!” A sweets festival that supports “excuse girls” who love sweets. The festival offers healthy and delicious slow-on sweets using the slowly digested and absorbed sugar “palatinose”. The concept of “slow calorie” and its practice method “Slow-on sweets” with cafes and patisseries in the Kanto suburbs, including the Jingumae, Omotesando, and Shibuya areas, and companies that support the slow calorie project. ” will be delivered to the girls.

[Summary of Slow-on Sweets Festival]

*Details are subject to change. note that.


Date: September 26th (Monday) to November 25th (Friday), 2016 * The period varies depending on the store
▼Holding area: Jingumae, Omotesando, Shibuya and cafes and patisserie in the Kanto area
▼ Organizer: Slow-on Sweets Festival Executive Committee
▼ Sponsor: Mitsui Sugar Co., Ltd. Slow Calorie Project

LD&K, which operates the "Udagawa Cafe" affiliate of the originator of the cafe boom, has started a new business format in Ginza that offers a special breakfast that matches the quality of the hotel.

LD&K Co., Ltd., which develops the restaurant business centered on the Udagawa Cafe, which sparked the Shibuya cafe boom, and the music business, will start a new business style of cafe restaurant.
The grand opening of [HOTEL UNIZO Ginza 7-chome], scheduled for June 20, 2016, will be the first phase of the new business format.


By providing a morning buffet in the morning to improve convenience for hotel guests, and by operating throughout the day after that time, we aim to become a lively communication spot for travelers and the Ginza area.

"GOURMAND GRILL&CAFE" is a cafe restaurant attached to the hotel, so that guests can spend a relaxing morning.
Introduced a switching system that allows breakfast tickets to be used as lunch tickets as they are,
We also offer bread menus such as croissants and Danishes that can be freshly baked with a special toaster, salad bar, eggs benedict, cereals, yogurt, macaroons and cake sweets.

We always offer more than 30 kinds of menus in a luxurious buffet style, including Japanese dishes such as rice, grilled fish and miso soup that are great for breakfast.

At lunchtime and dinnertime, mainly in Europe such as Italy, Spain, Greece, and Portugal, "Mediterranean cuisine" is a healthy food culture that is attracting attention as it was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage in 2010. We will provide mainly.
"Mediterranean cuisine" is said to reduce the risk of developing neurodegenerative diseases such as heart disease, cancer, and Alzheimer's disease.

At lunchtime, we offer a buffet menu that includes pasta and lasagna representing Mediterranean cuisine, coffee, and more than 15 kinds of herbal teas that are available for each season.
At dinnertime, there are seafood menus such as fresh [Boiled Lobster], [Aqua Pazza], [Aegean Sea Goddess Natural Shrimp Carpaccio], salads and bagna cauda using herb vegetables such as coriander,
In addition, we will reproduce the authentic taste by incorporating plenty of fruits such as lemons and limes.
In addition, we have a wide variety of wines from all over the world to match the dishes, and we also have a wide variety of alcoholic drinks such as cocktails that are popular with women.

In "Ginza" where tourists gather from all over the world and internationalization is progressing,
Please look forward to our restaurant where you can enjoy authentic Mediterranean cuisine and cafe.

<Store Overview>
Address: 1F Hotel Unizo Ginza 7-chome, 7-10-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061
Number of seats: 50-62 seats
Phone number: 03-6228-5658
business hours:
Morning time 7:00am - 11:00am
Lunch time 11:00am - 2:00pm
Tea time 2:00pm - 6:00pm
Dinner time 6:00pm - 11:30pm
Morning: 7:00-11:00 (Breakfast ticket can be used for breakfast or lunch.)

[Inquiries regarding this matter]

LD&K Co., Ltd. Public Relations: Yamada/Iwasaki
TEL: 03-6861-7880 FAX: 03-6861-7881

《Limited to 180 sets》 World's first Maca-blended craft beer "Shibuya Beer" gift set project start

《Limited to 180 sets》The world's first craft beer containing Maca
“Shibuya Beer” gift set project started

Maca-containing energy beer "Shibuya Beer ENERGY ~ MACA ~"
We will start a new project to deliver a special gift set nationwide.

Since April 28, 2015 (Tuesday) "Shi (4) Bu (2) Ya (8) Day", the number of shipments has exceeded 15,000 in about 4 months since it was released from 8 Udagawa Cafe affiliated stores. Currently, you can drink it at more than 250 restaurants in the suburbs of Tokyo, mainly in Shibuya.
In addition, as a result of attracting attention such as special features on TV, newspapers, magazines, etc., we received many inquiries from craft beer fans all over the country saying "I want to drink at home" and "I want to give it as a gift."
However, there was a problem in that the delivery fee to be borne for safely chilled delivery of each bottle of beer with an expiration date was high, and it was difficult to deliver at a reasonable price for small orders.
In order to overcome this issue and respond to the voices of everyone across the country, we are recruiting applicants for the “limited to 180 sets” gift set through “crowdfunding”.

Application period: October 2, 2016 (Friday) 11:30 to November 27 (Friday) 18:00
■ Recruitment page:https://www.makuake.com/project/shibuyabeer/
■ Target amount: 1.2 million yen
If this project does not reach the target amount,
The project will be unsuccessful, no funding will be provided, and a "gift set" cannot be provided.

■Products specially prepared for this project only
1. Special Shibuya Beer (Double Maca) (not for sale)
We offer a one-off, genuine special “craft” beer that can only be made by hand in this project brewed at “Hitachino Brewing Lab” in Manseibashi, Kanda.
For this project, we will brew only about 350 bottles in a 120 liter tank.

◎ About the brewery
▼Kiuchi Sake Brewery Hitachino Nest Beer
Hitachino Nest Beer is a craft beer brewed by Kiuchi Sake Brewery (Naka City, Ibaraki Prefecture). It is highly rated overseas as well, including winning gold medals at beer contests in Europe and the United States.
It is said to be the best-selling Japanese craft beer in the world.


2. Rare game meat smoked set
Supplied as a set of 2. Excellent stamina, perfect for beer snacks.
We will offer a set of 3,780 yen (tax included) for 3,240 yen (15%OFF) per set only at MAKUAKE.
◇ Deer soft jerky
◇ Boar bacon

3. Opener for exclusive use of Shibuya beer
A must-have item for craft beer! ! The unified design creates a beer experience that pays attention to detail.

■Gift set details
◇Beer gift set
1.《Limited to 20 sets》5,400 yen course
・6 gift package (5 regular & 1 special) (chilled shipping included)
・Shibuya beer opener


2. << 40 sets only >> 9,720 yen course
・12 gift package (10 regular & 2 special) (chilled shipping included)
・Shibuya beer opener
We will offer a set of 10,800 yen normally for 9,720 yen (10% OFF) for this project only.


3. << 10 sets only >> 19,440 yen course
・24 gift package (20 regular & 4 special) (chilled shipping included)
・Shibuya beer opener
We will offer a set of 21,600 yen normally for 19,440 yen (10% OFF) for this project only. ]


◇Rare gibier appetizer + beer set
4.《Limited to 30 sets》8,640 yen course
・Gibier smoked set x 1 set
・6 gift package (5 regular & 1 special) (chilled shipping included)
・Shibuya beer opener
We are offering a set of 9,180 yen normally for 8,640 yen (6% OFF) for this project only.


5. << 70 sets only >> 15,600 yen course
・Gibier smoked set x 2 sets
・12 gift package (10 regular & 2 special) (chilled shipping included)
・Shibuya beer opener
We are offering a set of 18,360 yen normally for 15,600 yen (15% OFF) for this project only.


6. << 10 sets only >> 24,800 yen course
・Gibier smoked set x 2 sets
・24 gift package (20 regular & 4 special) (chilled shipping included)
・Shibuya beer opener
We will offer a set of 29,160 yen normally for 24,800 yen (15% OFF) for this project only.


7. <<Limited to one group>> 250,000 yen course
Private party with mikoshi & pole dance show


----For companies, organizations, and groups-------
"The only party space in the world where you can carry a portable shrine" Shibuya Japanese style club bar "Tokyo 354 club (Tokyo Mikoshi Club) is a special course where you can hold a private party event!
For companies, groups, and groups, it is possible to produce music, portable shrines, and pole dances by DJs that can only be experienced on this day.
《Up to 70 people can be accommodated》

All-you-can-drink Shibuya beer + 10 special Shibuya beers
Of course, draft beer, whiskey, shochu, sake, and cocktails are also available.

●Wasshoi with Mikoshi!
Companies and groups can take pictures while carrying a mikoshi.

With meal course
Free rental of DJ equipment
●Performance by pole dancers included

・Detailed schedule and performers will be contacted by the performers after support.
・According to Tokyo 354 club's vacant schedule and performer schedule.

August 22nd (Sat) 22:30~ LD&K owner "Hidemasa Otani" documentary broadcast decision! !

After about four months of close coverage, a documentary about the representative "Hidemasa Otani" will be broadcast.


minor than major

front to back

always rebellious spirit

Never turn your back.

A documentary following the challenge of developing a unique cafe in Ura-Shibuya
TV Tokyo 6 station net "CROSS ROAD"".

Please take a look.

[Date and Time] August 22 [Sat] 22:30-
[Program name]
Internet stations: Television Osaka (TVO), Television Aichi (TVA), Television Setouchi (TVC), Television Hokkaido (TVh), TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (TVQ)

Hidemasa Otani (47 years old) is called the charisma of a cafe in Ura-Shibuya. The management method that earns annual sales of 2 billion yen is unusual. Otani will create a cafe that caters to the 5% of customers who come to Shibuya, not the majority. Starting with Udagawa Cafe, there are goats at Sakuragaoka Cafe, sexy paintings and objects at FLAMINGO, and exotic cafes such as BOHEMIA. chair. At first glance, it seems to go backwards in time. However, for some reason, it attracts a total of 100,000 visitors a year. In Shibuya, which is undergoing massive redevelopment, we follow Hidemasa Otani's insatiable challenge to create a place where people can feel comfortable, and to continue to convey the charm of the city from the back alleys of Shibuya. What path will he take...

Source: NEC presents "Crossroad": TV Tokyo