LD&K owner "Hidemasa Otani" will appear on TBS series "Sunday Japon"!

News variety every Sunday at 10:00
Decided to appear as a studio commentator on the TBS series "Sunday Japon"

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Mainichi Broadcasting System (MBS)
Hokkaido Broadcasting Corporation (HBC)
IBC Iwate Broadcasting (IBC)
Tohoku Broadcasting (TBC)
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August 22nd (Sat) 22:30~ LD&K owner "Hidemasa Otani" documentary broadcast decision! !

After about four months of close coverage, a documentary about the representative "Hidemasa Otani" will be broadcast.


minor than major

front to back

always rebellious spirit

Never turn your back.

A documentary following the challenge of developing a unique cafe in Ura-Shibuya
TV Tokyo 6 station net "CROSS ROAD"".

Please take a look.

[Date and Time] August 22 [Sat] 22:30-
[Program name]
Internet stations: Television Osaka (TVO), Television Aichi (TVA), Television Setouchi (TVC), Television Hokkaido (TVh), TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting (TVQ)

Hidemasa Otani (47 years old) is called the charisma of a cafe in Ura-Shibuya. The management method that earns annual sales of 2 billion yen is unusual. Otani will create a cafe that caters to the 5% of customers who come to Shibuya, not the majority. Starting with Udagawa Cafe, there are goats at Sakuragaoka Cafe, sexy paintings and objects at FLAMINGO, and exotic cafes such as BOHEMIA. chair. At first glance, it seems to go backwards in time. However, for some reason, it attracts a total of 100,000 visitors a year. In Shibuya, which is undergoing massive redevelopment, we follow Hidemasa Otani's insatiable challenge to create a place where people can feel comfortable, and to continue to convey the charm of the city from the back alleys of Shibuya. What path will he take...

Source: NEC presents "Crossroad": TV Tokyo

world's first! A sukiyaki specialty store in Shibuya with the phantom gibier "Anakuma = Mujina Meat"

Member recruitment crowdfunding will start at 11:00 on June 10 (Wednesday).


Opened the world's first sukiyaki specialty restaurant "Mujinaya" in Shibuya, Tokyo, using high-quality mujina meat, which is said to be "phantom game meat".
We will start a crowdfunding project to recruit members so that more people can have a “meat experience” that they have never tasted before.

Through this, we will transmit a new gibier culture from the information transmission center "Shibuya",
We aim to raise awareness of Mujina as gibier meat and create “new meat demand”.

■ Recruitment period

Recruiting for 1 month only
Period: 6/10 (Wed) 11:00 - 7/10 (Fri) 18:00

■ Recruitment page is here

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Please search by MAKUAKE Mujina Meat.

[Store overview]

We will prepare a space where you can relax with a Japanese taste.
This is a restaurant that you can use when you want to have a little extravagance, such as a dinner or a date.

■Members only Fixed price per person 6,000 yen
Only those who have a membership card for one year from the opening
We will provide it at the above price.

Scheduled opening: Mid-July

Location: Somewhere in Shibuya
Number of seats: 30 seats planned (1F: 14 seats / 2F: 16 seats)

Ordering method: Basically, it is a style that you leave the order to us.
Drinks: All-you-can-drink menu such as shochu and sake that goes well with sukiyaki.

Opened 2 new restaurants "Cafe BOHEMIA" and "FLAMINGO" in Udagawacho for 2 consecutive weeks


Based in Shibuya, the company, which also conducts music label business, management and publishing business,
November 2013 - New restaurant opened in Udagawa-cho
"Cafe BOHEMIA","FLAMINGO"We will open 2 stores for 2 consecutive weeks.

Udagawa Cafe series "Notice of urgent recruitment of store staff"

[Urgent Recruitment for Store Division! ]

Shinjuku 2-chome new store / store manager

Udagawa Cafe/Hall/Kitchen

Udagawa Cafe "suite" / Hall/Kitchen

Sakuragaoka Cafe/Hall/Kitchen

bar segredo / bartender hall

Tokyo 354 CLUB/Hall/Kitchen

Quote source: [Spread hope! ] Udagawa Cafe series "Notice of urgent recruitment of store staff" | Hidemasa Otani Official Blog "I want to live only by doing what I like" Powered by Ameba.

Carry a mikoshi on your back and let the men down! Tokyo 354 CLUB

Tokyo 354 CLUB Opening Campaign 7/1 (Mon) - 7/31 (Wed)


For customers who come to the store with 5 people or more during the period
We will carry the mikoshi for free! (Normally 300 once0 Yen)
If you haven't carried a mikoshi yet, don't miss this opportunity! Visit uswhen.

Lecture by Hidemasa Otani at the Cafe Owner Course at L’Ecole Vantan