"bokula., 8/15 (Tuesday) Osaka BananaHall" will host a live event!

Hiroshima-based life-sized rock band bokula. has announced that they will hold a live show "Houkago Dreamers" at Banana Hall in Osaka on 8/15 (Tue.). Guest bands will be announced at a later date.
The first advance ticket (lottery) for this event is available until 23:59 on Sunday, June 25th.

Check out the band's official website for more details.

[Gt.Vo. Ei comment]
``After school, I rush to work and go to my daily life without being bound by school ☆,
dreamy place. Kokodesu!!” We are waiting for you!

[Live information]
bokula.presents “Houkago Dreamers”

2023/8/15 (Tue) Osaka Banana Hall
OPEN 17:15 / START 18:00

[Appearance] bokula. and more...
[Ticket] Advance ¥3,800 (separate fee for D)
▼ 1st advance (lottery): 6/14 (Wed) 20:00 to 6/25 (Sun) 23:59
▼Secondary advance (lottery): 6/26 (Mon) 21:00 to 7/9 (Sun) 23:59
▼General release: 7/15 (Sat.) 10:00~
Reception URL:https://eplus.jp/bokula0815/

A four-piece, life-sized rock band from Hiroshima.
Formed in May 2019 around Vo.Gt. Eito and Gt. Kaji.
It features the straightforward singing voice of 21-year-old Ei, who writes and composes lyrics, lyrics that cut out everyday life that everyone can relate to, and catchy melodies.
Contrary to the fresh band sound, the lyrical live performance also attracts attention.

<<bokula. OFFICIAL SITE>>
Web: https://bokula.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bokula_bandmate

"STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! Tour Summer Vacation Edition" held!

STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! 4th label tour
It has been decided that "STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! Tour Summer Vacation Edition" will be held this summer.
STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! Artist Dramatic Alaska, Push-Pull Pot, and bokula. will tour 4 venues in Kagawa, Shiga, Tokyo, and Niigata starting with Takamatsu DIME on August 23 (Wednesday). .

▼Comment from the vocalist of Dramatic Alaska, Push-Pull Pot, and bokula.
・Dramatic Alaska Vo./Gt Hijikata Naoto
With everyone from STAY FREE!!!!!!!! after a long time!
I'm looking at each band at the point, but I'm looking forward to playing with them for the first time in a long time after going through tours and festivals and huge stages. And we at Dramatic Alaska weren't just staring at it. This year marks the 10th anniversary of our debut.

・Push-Pull Pot Vo./Gt Daiki Yamaguchi
STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! Tour will be held again this year! I can't wait to see where each band has changed! A strange tour that will make you feel calm like a family and get excited like a school excursion is about to begin! This tour has everything! We'll be expecting you!

・bokula. Vo./Gt Ei
Since it's summer vacation, I'm sure there will be barbecues, camps, fireworks, etc. with labelmates. I think you do.
Mr. Sugawara is really generous!
It was nice to stay free~

▼ Tour schedule
"STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!! Tour Summer Vacation Edition"
August 23 (Wednesday) Kagawa Takamatsu DIME
Open: 18:00 / Start: 18:30
August 24th (Thursday) Shiga U ☆ STONE
Open: 18:00 / Start: 18:30
August 29 (Tue) Tokyo Shibuya CLUB QUATTRO
Open: 17:30 / Start: 18:30
September 1 (Fri) Niigata Joetsu EARTH
Open: 18:00 / Start: 18:30

▼Ticket information
Advance sale 3,000 yen (separate fee for 1D / all-you-can-eat)
1st reception June 9th (Friday) 20:00 to June 18th (Sunday) 23:59
Second reception June 24th (Sat) 10:00 to July 9th (Sun) 23:59
General release date: July 15th (Sat) 10:00~
Sales URL: https://eplus.jp/stayfreeee20223/

[Dramatic Alaska]
Formed in 2010 by members from the same high school in Kobe.
In 2016, Gt. Masataka Sawayanagi and Ba. Kazuki Takemura became official members and became the current system.
With Naoto Hijikata's relaxed high-tone voice and catchy melody as weapons, they strum the classic guitar rock.
The aggressive live performance that overflows with emotions is also worth seeing.

・Vo&Gt Naoto Hijikata
・Gt. Sawayanagi Masataka
・Dr. Atsushi Nishibata

[Push-pull pot]
A four-piece rock band from Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture.
With vocalist Daiki Yamaguchi's two-faced singing voice and energetic performance, it is characterized by songs that sometimes push your back and sometimes snuggle up to you.

・Vo&Gt Daiki Yamaguchi
・Ba. Kazunori Horiuchi
・Gt. Takuya Kuwabara
・Dr. Ryutaro Myojin

A four-piece, life-sized rock band from Hiroshima.
Formed in September 2019 centering on Vo. Eito and Gt. Kaji.
21-year-old vocalist Ei, who writes and composes the songs, has a straightforward singing voice, lyrics that cut out everyday life that everyone can relate to, and catchy melodies.
Contrary to the fresh band sound, the lyrical live performance also attracts attention.

・Vo&Gt Ei
・Gt. Kaji
・Dr. Shunsuke Fujii


"OKINAWA Festival LIVE 2023" where Kariyushi 58 and other Okinawan artists gather will be held! !

It was announced that "OKINAWA Festival LIVE 2023" will be held on 11/24 (Fri.), featuring Kariyushi 58, Kiiyama Shoten, D-51, and others.

The Okinawa Festival, which was held in Yoyogi Park, Tokyo in 2019, was forced to be canceled due to the coronavirus pandemic.
But next year 2024! It has been decided that the Okinawa Festival will be revived for the first time in five years.
In commemoration of that, we will hold the Okinawa Festival Live 2023 to liven up the Okinawa Festival.
It's the eve of the event, which has been a huge success every year, so there's no doubt that it will be an enthusiastic live.

-Organizer's comment-
Due to the influence of Corona, the OKINAWA Festival could not be held after 2019. But I'll be back soon!
Prior to that, we have created an opportunity to rejoice with the fans who have been waiting for a long time!
We are thinking of a lot of tricks to make you feel Okinawa, so please come and feel the wonderful music and the wind of Okinawa!

[Event overview]
Friday, November 24th
Open18:00 Start18:30
@Shinjuku ReNY

Official fastest advance (first-come, first-served): May 31 (Wednesday) 22:00 to June 21 (Wednesday) 23:59
Application URL:https://tickets.kyodotokyo.com/okifes-saisoku

[“OKINAWA Festival” Official Website]

Udagawa Bekkan Band to release new Rocksteady song "Ikanaiide"! He is also struggling as a finalist in a competition that bets on the Corona Sunset Festival.

MISIA's cover song "Tsutsumi Komu Youni..." performed well by Udagawa Bekkan Band on 6/14
New Digital Single "Ikanaiide" will be released.
"bohemianvoodoo", "Primitive Art Orchestra", "Kimura Iori" who is active in many other sessions, and songs released on Piano Duo are reggae arranged in Rocksteady style.

Guest members include "KREVA" and drummer "Yoshihisa Shirane" who has gained tremendous trust from numerous musicians, and Mix has a connection with Udagawa Lovers Rock era, and "Hiroaki" who is also known as a member of "REGGAELATION INDEPNENDANCE". Ichikawa", it's a sweet and heartrending Reggae Tune that's perfect for listening to in the summer.

Such UBB is currently struggling as a finalist in a competition betting on Corona Sunset Festival with "Summer Lover", a song with the theme of the summer sea.

Youtube and Twitter MV shot with the theme of “songs you want to hear at sunset” will compete for participation based on the number of views, likes, and comments.
Other gb, PEETO, etc. participated in the competition.

"Summer Lover"

You can vote as many times as you like during the voting period until 23:59 on Sunday, June 18th.

[Corona Sunset Festival special page]

Now that the corona disaster has passed, let's entrust ourselves to the best sunset music on the beach in Okinawa with Corona beer in one hand! !

[Udagawa Annex Band Comment]
We will release a new Rocksteady song "Ikanade" that is perfect for listening to at the beach this summer.
It's a rare sweet Reggae tune for us, so please check it out!!!

And we, UBB, are currently struggling as finalists in a competition betting on Corona Sunset Festival.

The judging standards based on SNS are very strict for us around 4 soul bands, but in the old days, like M-1 Nishikigoi in 2021 and recently THE SECOND's Gallop, there is still a lot to be said that "even if we get older, we still have a long way to go." Please lend us your strength in order to prove the fact that we can shine!!!

In order to make the dream of spending time with "Summer Lovers" on the beach of the Corona Sunset Festival in Okinawa a reality, I have to go and play "Ikanade".

…… Udagawa Bekkan Band

Digital single "Ikanaiide" released on 6/14

[UBB Subscription Link]

6/20 (Tue.): atagan & Iori Kimura x Hiroyoshi Motozawa Duo 2MAN LIVE @ Shibuya Uda Cafe Annex Udagawa Annex Band, atagan, DJ ami, zukio

Udagawa Bekkan Band and more!!!

7/1 (Sat): earth garden “Summer” 2023 × ARABIAN FESTIVAL 2023 @ Yoyogi Park
Udagawa Bekkan Band, Salaam Marine, ASA-CHANG and more!!!
[Arabian Festival 2023 HP]

7/20 (Thursday): UBB viewing party @Shibuya Roots

8/31 (Thursday): Self-planned event @ Shibuya / CHELSEA HOTEL
Udagawa Bekkan Band and more!!!

UBB Instagram



Nisshoku Natsuko releases STUDIO FILM of M2 "Dum bottom spring feat. Sobs" from new album "Hanayodo"!

Piano-playing artist Natsuko Nisshoku has released the STUDIO FILM of M2 "Dumbottom Spring feat. Sobs" from the 6th Mini Album "Hanayodo" released on April 5, 2023 (Wednesday).

Sobs, who featured in M2 "Dumb Bottom Spring feat. Sobs", is a three-piece indie pop band from Singapore led by the only female vocalist, Celine Autumn. This song is a song that makes you listen to the crossroads of life = the feelings of spring with a light sound arranged by Sobs. The recording was done remotely, and you can get a glimpse of the production scene in the STUDIO FILM released this time. The appearance of Natsuko singing in front of the scribbled music is fresh and has a lot of highlights. Please check it out.

— Solar eclipse Natsuko’s comment —
The pop sound of Sobs rides on the sloppy lyrics,
I was able to create a song with an unprecedented exquisite brightness.
Together with the scenery of the production studio of both artists,
I would like to remember the bouquet that I submerged in the dam this spring.

─ Solar eclipse Natsuko “Spring at the bottom of the dam feat. Sobs” STUDIO FILM ─

▼Release information
On sale April 5, 2023 (Wednesday)
6th Mini Album "Hanayodo"
Price: 2,200 yen excluding tax / 2,420 yen including tax
Product number: 390-LDKCD
Specifications: Digitray specification (12P booklet)
recorded music:
01 Yay
02 Dam Bottom Spring feat. Sobs
03 Dusk Painting
04 Ghost Hill
05 diagonal
06 Lion Head
07 Mirage Girl
Special site:https://nisshoku-natsuko.com/hanayodo-floweranddust/

▼Release Tour
Performance: Solar eclipse Natsuko "Kacho area" (reading: Kachoiki)
May 27 (Sat) Hokkaido Iwamizawa Park Color Hall
June 3 (Sat) Fukuoka Island City Chuo Park Hands-on learning facility Guringurin
June 10 (Sat) Shimane Matsue Vogel Park
June 11 (Sun) Ehime Nakayama Flower House
June 17 (Sat) Niigata Ikutopia Shokubana Flower and Green Exhibition Hall
Saturday, June 24 Shimogamo Tropical Botanical Garden, Shizuoka
June 25 (Sun) Osaka Sakuya Konohanakan Flower Hall
Ticket price: ¥5,000 (tax included)

* Solar eclipse Natsuko official website *
*Solar eclipse Natsuko Twitter*
* Solar eclipse Natsuko Instagram *
* Solar eclipse Natsuko profile *
Born May 8, 1991 in Hanamaki City, Iwate Prefecture.
Started playing the piano at the age of 9 and writing songs at the age of 12. From the age of 17, she started full-scale music activities based in Morioka as "Nisshoku Natsuko". The meticulously crafted lyric world and composition techniques that sway the heartstrings have attracted attention, and have appeared in many large festivals. Released in 2021, "Anti-Freeze" was selected as a prize-winning work at the 14th CD Shop Awards 2022, and in recent years he has also written many new movie theme songs and commercial music. Nisshoku Natsuko's dense music that she creates one after another knows no bounds in creativity, and her musical ability and performance, including her unique composition style that expresses guitar, bass, and sometimes even percussion parts such as drums with a single piano, are outstanding. It goes beyond the imagination and framework of a piano-playing artist. Strength, weakness, sharpness, ephemeralness, the piano music that runs at full speed pierces the listener's heart and provides a unique musical experience.

bokula., 5/10 distribution digital single "Aotoharu" MV released!

Hiroshima-based life-size rock band bokula. has released the music video for their digital single "Aotoharu" released on May 10th.

This song is a youth that does not change whether it is "starting from now" or "starting again". It is a song with the theme of youth running through the blue.

In addition, a free live “Beyond the Seishun” will be held on May 19th (Friday) at Shangri-La in Shimokitazawa, Tokyo. Tickets are sold out.

Check out the band's official website for more details.

▼ Digital Single “Aotoharu” distribution site

Delivery date: May 10, 2023
Product number: LDSF-10018
Label: STAY FREEEE!!!!!!!!

▼ “Aotoharu” music video

"Beyond Youth" one-man live
May 19th (Friday) Shimokitazawa Shangri-La, Tokyo
OPEN 18:00 / START 19:00

A four-piece, life-sized rock band from Hiroshima.
Formed in May 2019 around Vo.Gt. Eito and Gt. Kaji.
It features the straightforward singing voice of 21-year-old Ei, who writes and composes lyrics, lyrics that cut out everyday life that everyone can relate to, and catchy melodies.
Contrary to the fresh band sound, the lyrical live performance also attracts attention.

<<bokula. OFFICIAL SITE>>
Web: https://bokula.jp/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bokula_bandmate

“Kei Yuki” 6/4 special one-man live performance name is “Singing”. Special site open & ticket second advance reception start!

The creator “Yuki Satoshi”, who faces “living” through expression and shakes the emotions of “living” through expression,
Announced the performance name of the special one-man live held at Club eX in Shinagawa on June 4th (Sun), the day before his birthday.

The name of the performance is "Singing".

Along with the name of the performance, Yuki's comment was also released.
It contains her thoughts on "singing".

Also, from 21:00 on April 19 (Wednesday), the second advance ticket reception will start.
A special site has also been opened, and the whole picture of the live is gradually becoming clear.

Satoshi Yuki, who once again faced "singing" on the 6th anniversary of his activities,
What is the live that we deliver now?

There is no doubt that it will be a special live on the first circular stage,
Please check it out.

— Special site —

[Comment from Satoshi Yuki]
If the last music someone heard was mine
I wonder if it's a song that is even a little warm and gentle.
Do you want to stay by your side during hard times, sing together, or speak for your feelings?
I think there were a lot of thoughts that spilled out while I was worried.
It's my mission to keep making and singing music that I won't regret.
Because there is an important person who taught me
As long as I didn't stop worrying about people, I thought I'd sing.
Don't be too talkative again.
with love.
What is singing?

■ Live information
Satoshi Yuki special one-man live "Singing"
Date: Sunday, June 4, 2023
Open 16:00 / Start 17:00
Venue: Club eX

Ticket price: Advance reserved seat ¥5,800 (tax included)
Ticket secondary advance reception period: April 19 (Wednesday) 21:00-April 30 (Sunday) 23:59
Ticket secondary advance reception link:https://eplus.jp/yukiakira/

■ Latest release information
Digital Single "I will disappear in spring"
Delivery date: Wednesday, March 8
Delivery part number: LDTN-0006

・ Each distribution site:https://orcd.co/lostmeinthespring
・Music Videos:https://youtu.be/WZTosU26eIM

▼Profile of Satoshi Yuki
June 5, 1998 Born in Oita Prefecture, raised in Saitama Prefecture
"You don't have to resonate with people who don't face life"
The creator "Yuki Satoshi" faces "living" and stirs the emotions of "living" through expression.
When you can't believe the sound, rely on what you can see.When you can't believe what you can see, rely on the sound you hear.
An artist who draws sounds of infinite colors with "music" heard with "ears" and "art" seen with "eyes"
In addition to his activities as a singer-songwriter, he is active in multiple fields, such as artwork for CDs and goods, producing plants and apparel, and being deeply involved in stage decoration and music video production.

・Official Website:https://yukiakira.com/
・Official Twitter:https://twitter.com/Yuki_Akirart
・Official Instagram:https://www.instagram.com/yukiakirart/

BruteRocks “7thDigitalSingle” “Go,Oh!Oh!” will be released! A release party will also be held! !

Sendai-based four-piece rock band BruteRocks has announced that they will release ``7th Digital Single'' ``Go, Oh! Oh!'' on May 17th (Wednesday).
This work, whose title is catchy, is a song that fills the hole in your heart with pop and rock in order to regain the feeling of "the time when you could become anything and do your best to achieve your dreams."
With catchy pop melodies and light guitar rock, this album is sure to become BruteRocks' sing-a-long anthem that will make you want to raise your hand.

▼ Product information
7th Digital Single
Brute Rocks "Go, Oh! Oh!"
Release date: Wednesday, May 17, 2023
Product number: LDCD-773
Label: Living, Dining & Kitchen Records
* Click here for each subscription service →https://orcd.co/bruterocks

A release event has also been decided to coincide with the release.
It is scheduled to be held at the local Sendai MACANA, so please come and visit us.

▼ Latest live information
5/13 (Sat) "MiMiNOKOROCK FES JAPAN" in KICHIJOJI 2023 @ Kichijoji Multiple venues
5/21 (Sun) ”Go,Oh!Oh!”Release Party@Sendai MACANA
5/22 (Mon.) the whimsical glider presents. 『GOOD FLIGHT vol.7』@Shibuya Spotify O-Crest
6/25 (Sun) Morioka the five morioka

The latest information is posted on the band's SNS and HP.
I want you to pay attention to them who can not stop.

▼ Track MV
"Re:Starter" MV
"Better Way" MV
"Drag Down" MV
"Fluorite" MV
"Jaded" MV
"Brave Heart" MV
"Ever After" MV
"Rock the World" MV
"Overtaker" MV

▼Brute Rocks profile
A four-piece rock band BruteRocks formed in Sendai in 2014.
Vo, Gt Sota worked on the lyrics and composition, and is based in Sendai city with highly complete songs that interweave melodious and catchy vocals and powerful band sounds influenced by various music centered on Western music. .
He has experienced large-scale circuit events all over Japan, including his hometown of Sendai.
Furthermore, they performed at Tohoku's largest music festival, "Ishigaki Music Festival". In March 2020, the 2nd Full Album "No HEROES Allowed Here" was released.
From March 2022, we will release singles for 3 consecutive months.
Among them, "Re:Starter" released in March 2022 has been adopted as the ending theme song for TV Tokyo's "Moyamoya Summers 2".
In July 2022, the first nationwide distribution album "ROCK THE WORLD DOWN" will be released.
Along with the release, they are still active mainly in their hometown Sendai and Tokyo, such as conducting tours in Tohoku, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Osaka.


Enjoy authentic Thai cuisine in a vivid interior! "Bangkok Night Shibuya" opens on April 17th!

Shibuya, Tokyo, which can be said to be synonymous with Japan, where inbound tourism has resumed and vitality is returning again.
Among them, live houses are lined up, Shibuya PARCO and Hands are also bustling as shopping areas, and music bars are lined up in a corner called Mukokudori Street, where you can easily eat authentic Thai cuisine "Bangkok Night Shibuya". will open on Monday, April 17th.

LD&K Co., Ltd., which operates cafes, restaurants, live houses, galleries, etc., mainly in Shibuya Ward.
The Thai restaurant "Bangkok Night", which is operated by the company, has many repeat customers and is enthusiastically supported by Thai food fans.
It will be the third store in the same business format, following the Ginza and Roppongi stores.

Taking over the interior of "Cafe FLAMINGO", which sadly closed on March 31, this year, you can enjoy the atmosphere of a Southeast Asian resort bar while maintaining the vivid interior and mural motifs.

Lunch time is until 17:00, which is a nice setting for essential workers.
We want you to taste the many exquisite Thai dishes prepared by authentic chefs.

*Lunch menu comes with soup and drink bar (noodles come with salad and mini gapao rice)

■ Store information: Bangkok-Night Shibuya (Bangkok Night Shibuya)
■ Business hours: 11:30-5:00
*For the time being, it will be pre-opened from 11:30 to 23:30.
*Lunch time: 11:30-17:00
Number of seats: 40 seats (Counter: 17 seats / High table for 2 people: 4 seats / Round table for 1 person: 1 seat / Table box: 12 seats / Sofa seat: 3 seats)
■ Address: 10-2 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042

* Official SNS:https://www.instagram.com/bangkok_shibuya2023/
* Udagawa Cafe Group:https://www.udagawacafe.com/

Released the video work of the tour final held at Pia Arena MM

It has been decided that the Uchikubi Gokumon Club will release a live video work "The new coronavirus was hated" on Tuesday, May 9, 2023 (Prison Day).

This work contains the live performance of "The New Coronavirus ga Hate Tour 2020-2022 Tour Final" New Coronavirus ga Hate "" held at Pia Arena MM on Saturday, December 10, 2022. there is

Since February 2020, only the tour final has been canceled three times due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection, and this tour has been held for two years and nine months. Final performance.

A large number of gorgeous guests related to the song will participate and color the live, and the long-awaited hot cheers from the audience who have lifted the ban on vocalization have been lifted.

In addition, this time, we are planning to distribute the video through the subscription service for the first time as a live video work of the Uchikubi Gokumon Club.

Currently, it is scheduled to be distributed on Apple Music and Amazon Prime Video, and it is planned to edit only the music part.

And the DVD/Blu-ray will be sold only on the official mail order site of the Uchikubi Gokumon Club and at live venues.

This will be a "complete version" that includes production parts other than the music, and behind-the-scenes documents as bonus footage.

In addition, it seems that a live sound source containing only the audio part of the music of the same work will be released at the same time.

In addition to being distributed by many subscription services, it will be included in the DVD/Blu-ray package as a 2-CD set.

Recording details will be announced at a later date.

Official Twitter


Beheaded prison club mail order site