"GOURMAND GRII&CAFE" will hold a campaign such as sparkling wine service to commemorate the 1st anniversary of its opening.

``Gourmand Grill & Cafe'' opened in June 2016 on the 1st floor of the Ginza hotel ``Hotel Unizo Ginza 7-chome'' operated by LD&K, which handles ``Udagawa Cafe'' known as the original night cafe in Shibuya, Italy, Spain, Greece, Morocco, etc. We mainly serve Mediterranean cuisine with the essence of Mediterranean coastal countries in Europe and North Africa.

We have recreated an authentic Mediterranean cuisine menu that uses plenty of fresh seafood, vegetables, fruits, and olive oil, and we have a wide selection of wines from various regions to match the dishes. It is popular for lunch and dinner for people who come to Ginza and people who come to Ginza.

A special menu for a limited time from 6/23 (Friday), which marks the 1st anniversary of the opening,
We are here to serve you.

Please take this opportunity to enjoy “Mediterranean cuisine,” a food culture that has been registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.

[GOURMAND GRILL&CAFE 1st Anniversary Dinner Campaign]
Period: 6/23 (Fri) ~ 7/31 (Mon) Dinner time only

Campaign content:

①Sparkling wine service at the time of visit

For customers who came to the store at dinner time during the period
A glass of sparkling wine will be served.
Please order as an aperitif or a toast drink.

* Limited to those who can display this campaign image.

②Summer has arrived! Offers summer-limited Mediterranean cuisine using seasonal ingredients.

・ "Summer vegetable terrine saffron sauce" 900 yen (excluding tax)

Using about 16 kinds of seasonal and healthy vegetables such as colorful radishes, bitter melons, colinky, and new burdock roots, the dish is accented with lobster stock.
Recommended to be served with white wine.

・"Scallop and shrimp gazpacho" 850 yen (excluding tax)
A mix of fruit tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, garlic and panini served on a chilled gazpacho topped with butter sautéed scallops and angel prawns.
You can enjoy the taste of warm sautéed seafood and the cold refreshing feeling of gazpacho at the same time.
We recommend pairing it with carbonated drinks such as beer, sparkling wine, and champagne.

・"Spare ribs spicy BBQ sauce" 2P 1800 yen (excluding tax)
Spicy soup made from thick spareribs
An addictive dish with original BBQ sauce.
Serve with grilled seasonal summer vegetables such as zucchini, okra and broccoli.
Our signature summer main dish that goes well with beer and cocktails, as well as red wine.
Additional spare ribs can be ordered for 800 yen per piece according to the number of people.

[Store overview]
Store name: GOURMAND GRILL&CAFEhttp://gourmand-ginza.com/
Address: 1F Hotel Unizo Ginza 7-chome, 7-10-9 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Phone number: 03-6228-5658
Access: 5-minute walk from Exit A3 of Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, Hibiya Line, and Marunouchi Line, 5-minute walk from Exit A1 of Higashi-Ginza Station on the Tokyo Metro Hibiya Line and Toei Asakusa Line, Ginza Exit of JR and other Shinbashi Stations 6 minutes on foot from
Number of seats: 62 seats
business hours:
[Morning] 7:00~11:00
[Lunch] 11:00-14:00
[Tea Time] 14:00~18:00
[Dinner] 18:00-23:30 (FOOD22:30LO, DRINK23:00LO)

GOURMAND GRILL&CAFE offers course menus for small groups,
We also offer party plans with all-you-can-drink.

"ChiKappa Rock ~Kyushu night~" will be held in Shibuya! Kazuhiro Dodo (MO'SOME TONEBENDER), Yota Towatari and others will appear!

An event called "ChiKappa Rock ~Kyushu night~" will be held at Udagawa Cafe Annex / The Closet operated by LD&K in Udagawacho, Shibuya!
Mariko Maeda, the owner of The Closet, is from Hakata, Kyushu, and is an artist with a Latin temperament and a hot soul from Kyushu. Kazuhiro Dodo (MO'SOME TONE BENDER), Yota Towatari, hooch, Tatsuyuki Hiyumuta, etc., in response to the desire to connect the new Kyushu soul rock scene from Udagawacho, Shibuya to all over Japan with musicians from Kyushu. Appearance is decided!

On April 8th (Sat), there will be a rock-taste cocktail called “ChiKappa Rock”, an original cocktail limited to that day.

The title of the event is "Chikappa Rock~Kyushu night~", but "Chikappa" in Chikappa Rock means "Full power!" in Fukuoka dialect.

It's the start of a LIVE event where you can make a toast with delicious sake while sharing smiles and tears!
Don't miss this hot night that boils up from the Shibuya underground! !

Date April 8 (Sat)
OPEN 19:00 START 20:00
Admission ¥3,000 (includes one drink) + tip on cash
Place: 36-3 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku 6th & 7th floor
Udagawa Cafe Annex 6F
The Closet 7F
*Reception is on the 6th floor.

Youta Towatari

Tatsuyuki Hiyamuta and more..

*Same-day tickets only.
*LIVE (6th floor) is for standing.
*There are limited seats on the 7th floor, but it will be a place where customers can enjoy drinking together.

*Drinks are cash on.
*Please note that there is no place to store luggage.

[Udagawa Cafe Annex HP]

[The Closet]

[Event page]

A special collaboration project between "Udagawa Cafe" and "Tokyu Department Store" will be held on February 24th (Friday) to liven up the one-day "Premium Friday".

For the first 100 people who present a receipt for using Udagawa Cafe/Udagawa Cafe "suite" at Tokyu Toyoko Store/Tokyu Food Show (basement 1st floor) Shibuya STAND, Udagawa Cafe presents/From Shibuya! We will present one energy beer "Shibuya beer" containing maca.

In addition, if you bring a receipt for purchases of 540 yen (tax included) or more at Tokyu Department Store Shibuya 3 stores (Toyoko store, main store, Hikarie ShinQs), you will receive a 10% discount on your meal fee.

▽Plan details▽

● Udagawa Cafe ⇒ 3 Tokyu department stores (Toyoko store, main store, ShinQs)
Please bring the receipt of Udagawa Cafe after 15:00 to the following store.
The first 100 people will receive a bottle of Shibuya's energy beer "Shibuya Beer".
* Target period: From 15:00 on February 24 (Friday) to the end of business on the day
* Target store: Tokyu Department Store Tokyu Toyoko Tokyu Food Show (B1F) Shibuya STAND

●3 Tokyu Department Stores ⇒ Udagawa Cafe
Only at Udagawa Cafe and Udagawa Cafe "suite"
Present a receipt for purchases of 540 yen or more from 3 Tokyu Department Stores (Toyoko Store, Main Store, ShinQs) and receive a "101 TP2 TOFF from your meal" service.
* Target period: From 15:00 on February 24 (Friday) to the end of business on the day
* Target stores: Udagawa Cafe Main Store, Udagawa Cuff "suite"

The creator of "Hitogata-kun", the illustrator of "Hitogata-kun" on Twitter, and the back alley cafe "Udagawa Cafe" in Shibuya will hold a collaboration cafe for a limited time!


Such as the original character "Hitogata-kun" who became a hot topic on the Internet, and strange creatures,
Illustrator "Yuki Tokuda" who expresses various motifs with unique colors,
During the period from August 22nd (Monday) to 28th (Sunday), a collaboration cafe will be held at Shibuya's back alley cafe "Udagawa Cafe 'suite'".
At the collaboration cafe, we will sell limited menus that can only be eaten during this period and goods that can only be purchased here.

Customers who order the limited menu will also receive an original luncheon mat and coaster.

Furthermore, during the period, so that you can enjoy the world view of Yuki Tokuda,
We will be exhibiting a large number of new works drawn from past works and life-size illustration panels of cute girls! !

Announcement of "Udagawa Cafe "suite" x Yuki Tokuda Collaboration Cafe"

Period: August 22nd (Monday) to August 28th (Sunday)
Venue: Udagawa Cafe "Suite" 36-12 Udagawacho, Shibuya-ku
Offer time: 15:00-19:30 (numbered ticket distribution starts at 14:00)
Contact: LD&K Co., Ltd. 03-6861-7880

We are pleased to present the collaboration project with "illustrator Yuki Tokuda" "Udagawa Cafe "suite" x Yuki Tokuda" with the following contents!

<<Collaboration menu list>>

(1) Ibitsukun soda Limited to 50 cups / 900 yen (tax included)
(2) Nobi Usagi Omelet Rice Limited to 30 servings / 1600 yen (tax included)
(3) Hitogata-kun cookies & Upa-kun cupcakes Limited to 30 meals / 1000 yen (tax included)

Limited goods will be sold during the collaboration cafe period! Please note that it is out of stock due to limited quantity!

For each drink or food order, you will receive a limited “luncheon mat & coaster” drawn by Yuki Tokuda! (* It may end as soon as it runs out.)

<<List of goods for sale>>

(1) Ibitsukun / 300 yen (tax included)
(2) Original picture gacha / 300 yen (tax included)
(3) Stickers (5 types) / 300 yen (tax included)
(4) Set of 3 stickers A/500 yen (tax included)
(5) Set of 3 stickers B / 500 yen (tax included)
(6) Set of 4 postcards / 400 yen (tax included)
(7) Can badge set / 300 yen (tax included)
(8) Yuki Tokuda autographed work collection "Yuki Tokuda THE WORLD" / 1944 yen (tax included)
(9) Book signed by Yuki Tokuda “Hitogata-kun” / ¥972 (tax included)

■ Precautions

*Since it is expected to be crowded during the period, numbered tickets will be distributed every day from 14:00, and we may ask you to enter every hour.
* You cannot choose your seat location.
*We may limit the seating time to 90 minutes during busy times.
*Please note that there is an upper limit to the quantity of the limited menu, and we may not be able to offer it as soon as the number of preparations on the day is reached.

[Store overview]
Store name: Udagawa Cafe "suite"
Address: 36-12 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku
TEL: 03-3464-4020
Business hours: 12:00-24:00 (Fridays, Saturdays, the day before holidays-29:00)


There are cute pictures and accessories in the store, and we offer slightly luxurious meals and sweets while being a cafe.
Please enjoy the sweet feeling that is a little different from "Udagawa Cafe".

The comics "Oshushidayo!" and "Pokomi", which are hot topics on twitter, will hold a Valentine collaboration for a limited time at the vivid cafe "Flamingo" in Ura Shibuya!


With vivid red lighting, psychedelic pop and interior decoration, back Shibuya featured cafe "Flamingo", which is used in many MVs and fashion magazines,
Published as a 4-panel manga on twitter, the topic has become a hot topic, and now it has 35,000 followers, has been made into a book, goods, and a LINE stamp, and the popular anime work "Oshushidayo!"
Former Ayaman Japan performer, ``Fantasista Sakurada'', who caused a stir with her marriage to the rap group Suchadarapar "Bose" and is currently working as an apparel designer in the fancy industry, created an edible art work and an original work. "Pokomi & Burichi's Fancy Sushi Daina" where you can enjoy the interior decoration space

valentine week
It will be held for a limited time from February 8th (Monday) to February 14th (Sunday)

The popular character "Burichi" from the anime "Oshushidayo!" by the artist "Yabai",
We will offer a limited number of colorful and POP special drinks and original plates designed by the character "Pokomi" of "Fancy Shop Sakurada", which is attracting attention for collaboration T-shirts with BEAMS.

Furthermore, on 2/11 (Thu./Holiday), as a collaboration special guest staff,
"Chanmomo aka Amaterasu Omoko", who appeared on Fuji TV's "Terrace House" and currently belongs to the idol group "Band Janaimon",
It is decided that "Pokomi" will appear in the store as an anthropomorphic version!

Collaboration with popular cafe "Flamingo" with girly and vivid interior
Don't miss it!

Announcement of "Pokomi & Burichi's Fancy Sushi Daina"

When: 2nd 8th to 2nd 14th
(On the 2nd 11th, a special guest "Pokomi" (performed by Chanmomo aka Amaterasu Omomoko) will come to the store! There will also be special menus for this day)

Place: Shibuya "FLAMINGO"
10-2 Udagawacho, Shibuya 150-0042, Tokyo Prefecture

Pokomi“Burichi-chan, Sushi Dai Na~ is really going to appear for a limited time! But what kind of event would it be? ? ? 』

Burichi"That's right. . . You can eat a limited number of original plates, drink drinks that we designed, and on the 11th, Pokomi-chan, who is anthropomorphized in a sushi daiina costume, will actually serve you. No~』

Pokomi"yeah yeah! Well, that's a lot of work~~ Poco-chan is working hard as a waiter.

☆Introduction of menus offered☆
These menus are available from 15:00 to 23:00.
sorry sold out


*Limited to 20 cups only on 2/11 (Thursday/holiday)
(1) Anthropomorphic Pokomi (Chanmomo) 2SHOT cheki shooting, special drink produced by Chanmomo “Dipumarinburu’s very delicious banana shoot” 2500 (tax included)
→ What! A happy dessert drink with blue banana shake, ice cream and whipped cream

*Limited to 15 cups per day from 2/8 (Mon.) to 14 (Sun.)
(2) Burichi Produce Special Drink “Kyun Kyundry? Strawberry's First Love is Banira no Aitsu. . . Shaku na no ~ ”1200 (tax included)
→ A gorgeous dessert drink with vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, marshmallows, and syrup cherry on strawberry shake.

(3) Pokomi Produce Special Drink “Meromero Melon and Ice Cream no Critical Lava Soda Nanora” 1200 (tax included)
→ Melon soda with nata de coco topped with ice cream, fresh cream and cherries for a refreshing dessert drink

*Limited to 20 dishes per day
(4) Pokomi Toburichi-Produced Special Plate “Fancy Shugasui ~Love Plate~”
→ You can actually eat Burichi! Eat yellowtail sashimi with rice and avocado. Salad and potatoes for garnish, and cupcakes with pokomi flags for dessert.

Also, during the period, there will be some sales of merchandise.

Limited to 30
◎ Pokomi and Oshi rosette brooch 1200
Limited to 50 sets
◎ Burichipokomi heart can badge set 850

☆Fancy Shop Sakurada
Pokomi Plush Small 1980
Pokomi plush toy large 3500

☆ a little wonder
Love Spell One Piece 16800
Love Spell Blouse 12960
Love Spell Pumpkin Pants 5180

[Artist Introduction]
・ Fantasista Sakura
Born in Tokyo, spent his childhood in Ota Ward. After graduating from a private girls' high school in Tokyo, she got a job at Ayaman Japan, but left in 2013 to give birth. Fairies, starting solo activities in the fancy industry.
Pokomi and Fancy Shop Sakurada.

・ Yabai-chan
Half of Tokyo and Yamagata. After graduating from high school, he entered a vocational school while having an art college complex. In 2012, when she gave birth to her first child, she created Oshushi.
Yabai-chan https://twitter.com/oshushidayo?lang=ja

[Guest Staff]
・Chanmomo aka Omoko Amaterasu (Band ja Naimon!) https://twitter.com/chanmomochan10


<<Precautions for collaboration menu>>
*We do not accept any reservations for the limited menu. Since congestion is expected during the period, numbered tickets will be distributed at "14:30" every day. We will guide you in order from those who have decided on seats in the order of the numbered ticket number.
* Only customers with numbered tickets can order the limited menu, and the seating time is limited to "90 minutes".
*Please note that it may take time to provide the limited menu, and there is an upper limit on the quantity, so we may not be able to provide it as soon as the number of available on the day is reached.

Ura-Shibuya Oktoberfest 2015-Maka double super energy "Shibuya Beer PREMIUM" lifted! ~

Original craft beer released by our company, which operates the "Udagawa Cafe" series,
On October 28th (Wednesday), just half a year after the launch of "Shibuya Beer",
With gratitude to everyone who always supports us,
We will hold an event where you can taste a limited amount of “premium” Shibuya beer.

This time,
At the oriental cafe "Café Bohemia" in Ura Shibuya with the theme of "Shibuya Beer x Food x Music",
Music critic / DJ / Middle Eastern food researcher with connections to the Middle East, "Salaam Marine"
"Shankar Noguchi", who is a representative of Tokyo Spice Bancho, Indo-American Trading Company and has a connection with India,
For this party, we will offer special new snacks that go well with Shibuya beer!

At LIVE, the unit "OBRIGARRD" with the strongest music master HAZU and DJ YANOMI,
Create a space with frontiers and folk music scattered around the world.

In addition, "premium" Shibuya beer with twice the amount of maca that can only be drunk on the day of the event,
We also offer "coffee beer" using Udagawa Cafe's specialty blended coffee.

Enjoy the long autumn nights with Shibuya beer, delicious food, and music.

[Overview of party]
Shibuya beer presents
"Back Shibuya Oktoberfest"
~Shibuya Beer Half Anniversary~

Date: Wednesday, October 28, 2015
Time: 20:00-23:30 (3.5 hours)
Participation fee: 2,500 yen (1DRINK/1FOOD)
*First-come-first-served basis. It will end as soon as the food runs out, so we recommend that you come early.

Location: Café BOHEMIA (http://cafe-bohemia.jp/)
Address: 36-22 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo

Offer menu:
Shibuya beer
Shibuya Beer “Premium (2x Maca)”
Udagawa blend coffee beer

Special falafel plate
stewed mutton
bengal fish

◎Salaam Maritime (music critic/DJ/Middle Eastern food researcher)
Traveling regularly to the Middle East and India,
He continues to do fieldwork on the local music and cooking scene.
In addition to writing manuscripts, he has a wide range of activities such as radio and club DJs, lectures at open colleges and universities, and workshops in the Middle East.

◎ Shankar Noguchi (Tokyo Spice Bancho, Japanese-Indian Mixed Cuisine Group)...
After studying in the United States, as the third generation of "Indo-American Trading Company" launched by my grandfather from Punjab, India, I am involved in product development and import sales.

Author of the book "Recipe of Indian Curry Famous Restaurant: Tokyo Spice Bancho Shankar Teaching!"

A double plate combination with the most crazy music master HAZU and DJ YANOMI recognized by HAZU.
Based on the beat of HIPHOP, they skillfully manipulate the CDJ1000 and sampler, mix & loop the frontiers and ethnic music scattered around the world with their unique indigenous groove.

Breaking down all "walls of sound", the unique world that only they can create and that no one else has been able to reach is truly original Japanesia!

On April 28, 2015, the new work "(7inch) ZUNg ZUNg", which has evolved further, was released.

[What is Shibuya beer? ]
With the keyword "Rejuvenate Japan from Shibuya!"
On April 28, 2015 (Shi (4) Bu (2) Ya (8) day), Shibuya's local craft beer "Shibuya Beer" was released exclusively at restaurants.


Natural “Maca” from Peru in South America, which is said to be effective for nourishment, recovery from fatigue, beauty, and anti-aging,
Fresh fruit of "pink grapefruit" is used for fragrance so that it is easy to drink even for women who are not good at beer.
It's an "energy beer" that makes you feel healthy and beautiful after drinking it (!?).

Despite being in the city, it is attracting attention for planning "town revitalization and culture creation and transmission" using beer.
It has been featured in various media such as the newspaper "Nihon Keizai Shimbun", "Asahi Shimbun", and the magazine "TOKYO WALKER".
In less than four months after its release, the number of shipments exceeded 15,000.

What started with 8 Udagawa Cafe affiliated stores is now available at more than 200 restaurants in the suburbs of Tokyo.

This is an exceptional sales for a local beer!!!!

Strange Reitaro, Bakubakudkin, Nisshoku Natsuko and others will appear at the "Ura Shibuya" regional promotion event!

In the depths of Shibuya and Udagawacho, centered on "Tokyu Hands" and "Cisco Zaka",
Lined with famous shops and hotspots known to those in the know, DIY and unique
"Ura-Shibuya" is an area where cafes, bars, record and apparel shops gather.

It used to be an area with a unique culture rooted in record shops and clothing stores.
Since around 2013, shops that have been evaluated as "small but warm stores" and "stores that transmit culture with a unique sense" have opened one after another, and the area is heating up again.

In order to disseminate the charm of such "Ura Shibuya", from the shops in the area and the artists who gather in the area,
Based on the concept of "sound, food, and people," the event "Ura-Shibuya POSSE" will be held from September 2014, bringing together stores, brands, and artists representing the region.

In "Ura Shibuya POSSE" to conclude 2014,
The lineup includes notable artists such as Bizarre Reitaro, Bakubakudkin, Ryofu, Nisshoku Natsuko, NATURAL VYBZ, and Kikumaru.
In addition, DJs with connections to the area will also perform.
It will be held as a circuit event at two venues, Vivid Cafe “FLAMINGO” and “Udagawa Cafe Annex” in Ciscozaka, Shibuya.

A new trend is about to happen in Shibuya.
I would like you to witness the collaboration of artists and concepts that are transmitted by the whole "city".

URASHIBUYA POSSE vol.3 ~Back Shibuya-kei NIGHT~
Date: December 15, 2014 (Monday) 19:00-midnight
Advance: 2,500 yen Door: 3,000 yen (drink fee not included)

FLAMINGO http://cafe-flamingo.com/
Udagawa Cafe Annex http://www.udagawacafe.com/bekkan/
(held at 2 venues / free to come and go)
*Please redeem your wristband at FLAMINGO. You can enter both venues by presenting your wristband.

[Ticket purchase method (either 1 or 2 can be purchased and reserved)]
1. Purchase tickets from the Peatix event page

2. Ticket reservation with a dedicated email address
to urashibuya.posse@gmail.com
Please specify "katakana full name" and "number".

Reservation will be completed when you receive the reply mail of "reservation confirmation".


Strange Reitarohttp://kimyoreitaro.com/
Lu Buhttp://ryohu.flavors.me/
solar eclipse natsukohttp://www.ldandk.com/nisshoku/
TOKYO Goddamms!http://iflyer.tv/ja/artist/35754/
NATURAL VYBZhttp://www.facebook.com/nnnnnatural 

Saccho (Saki Sato)
Spotted (ACCM)
MICHE (Rock no Kokoro)
Hiroki Yamada (Back Shibuya Ward Office)
Saiki Yusuke

■What is Ura-Shibuya?
Ura-Shibuya is located at the end of Shibuya Udagawa-cho Center Gai, and is known for its collection of unique and attractive shops rooted in the local area.
The area used to have its own unique culture, such as record shops and clothing stores, but it has been declining for the past few years.
Since around 2013, the area has been reheated in recent years with the opening of shops that are evaluated as “small but warm stores” and “stores that transmit culture with a unique sense”.

What is Ura-Shibuya POSSE?
In the depths of Udagawa-cho, Shibuya, there are rows of well-known shops and hotspots known to those in the know, as well as unique DIY cafes, bars, and record and apparel shops, called Ura-Shibuya.
From September 2014, POSSE, a gathering of shops, brands, and artists representing the region, has been held to disseminate culture based on the concept of "sound, food, and people."

—— Notes about tickets ——
*Please check the URL for details on how to pay with Peatix.
*Advance reservations are recommended as the number of tickets is limited. Customers who have not made a reservation cannot enter.
*For this performance, after making a reservation on the Peatix event page (http://peatix.com/event/63460) or using the dedicated email address, you will be able to enter by exchanging your wristband at "FLAMINGO" on the day.
*When exchanging the wristband, you will purchase a 2DRINK ticket for 1000 yen as a drink fee.
*If the wristband is lost or damaged, it will not be reissued for any reason. Please be careful not to remove it.
*This performance does not have a reference number on the ticket.
*Event timetable will be announced at a later date.
*Please note that admission may be restricted if both venues are full.
*Please note that tickets will not be refunded if the event is canceled due to unavoidable reasons such as natural disasters.
In addition, we do not guarantee any travel expenses (cancellation fees) to the venue due to the cancellation of this event.
*Tickets required for ages 4 and up
*Whether or not tickets will be available on the day will be announced on the event Facebook page.

Day&Night Best of Christmas songs dj mix

Spin-off project of popular cafe BGM series "Couleur Cafe Brazil"
The Christmas version of "Day&Night" is here!
Mariah Carey or Wham! Including that song, at Christmas time such as Ryuichi Sakamoto
A total of 25 DJ mixes of popular songs that you will definitely hear once.
No need to worry about Christmas BGM with this one! ! ! ! Ketteiban! !


2013.7.20 Udagawa Cafe Annex 3rd anniversary party

~Udagawa Bekkan Band 1st CD “3 Anniversary” Release Party!!!!~
Open: 20:00〜
Entrance: ¥2,000 1 drink + CD + free food



Shibuya Udagawa Cafe Annex 3rd Anniversary


Shibuya Udagawa Cafe Annex is safe this time,
We were able to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of the renewal!!!

This is also due to the support of everyone who is taking care of me.
Thank you very much!!!

Therefore, on July 20th, we decided to invite guests who usually hold events at the annex to celebrate our 3rd anniversary in a flashy way!!!